Byzantium Clouds


You like clouds?
This is a toolkit with multiple trend following clouds that can be used for low timeframe and high timeframe trading.
All settings and inputs can be changed to your liking.


The indicator contains:

  • A short term trend hull ( STT ).
  • A long term trend hull (LTT).
  • An EMA hull cloud.
  • A Laguerre cloud.
  • Signals in the form of symbols that highlight a bullish / bearish trend and oversold / overbought territory.
  • Bar coloring based on what is considered a bullish , neutral and bearish trend .

The length of all the hulls can be changed and so can the gamma of the Laguerre moving average cloud.

Anything you don't like can easily be turned off in the settings.

What the symbols mean:
  • Alpha ⍺ = confirmed uptrend ( STT hull crosses over LTT hull).
  • Omega ⍵ = confirmed downtrend ( STT hull crosses under LTT hull).
  • Bull chi ✗ = a bullish warning when price moves very far away from the LTT hull, based on a fibonacci deviation (can be changed in settings).
  • Bear chi ✗ = the bearish variant of the bull chi. These chis basically highlight overextension.
  • Delta Δ = confirmed bull trend based on the very long EMA hull cloud (300 standard length, can be changed).
  • Nabla ∇ = the bearish variant of the delta.

What the bar coloring means:
  • Green: bullish , the STT hull is above the LTT hull.
  • Blue: neutral, the STT hull is now partially or fully inside the LTT hull.
  • Red: bearish , the STT hull is now fully under the LTT hull.

The bar coloring makes it visually easier to spot the trend and it's also very useful for when you don't want the clouds to cover price action, but you still want to see the trend.

All the default settings are fine-tuned for bitcoin .
The indicator can be used on all assets, but if you use it for something other than bitcoin you might have to tweak the inputs to get better results.


The basic idea is quite simple.
This indicator makes it easier to spot the trend and follow it.
Most testing has been done on bitcoin and the default settings seem to work exceptionally well on the daily timeframe , but it's also useful on other timeframes.

Various tips:

The "chis" (those "x" symbols) appear when a deviation based on a fibonacci threshold is reached.
Simply put, it tells you that price is moving too far away from the LTT hull and it's probably a good point to take profit or scale into a position.
For lower timeframes (4H, 1H, ...) I usually set the deviation at 1.618 instead of 2.618. But since altcoins move more erratically you might want to keep it at 2.618.

The Laguerre cloud is based on a concept invented by John Ehlers .
It's very smooth, but it suffers less from the inherent lag that most EMA's have. So it turns quicker once it picks up a trend change.
The baseline is based on the gamma which is set at 0.8 because that gave the best results for bitcoin .
The faster part of the cloud is an offset based on the fibonacci golden ratio.
Keep in mind that the gamma has to be between 0 and 1.
I suggest never putting it at a value below 0.5 or the cloud will become worthless.

The hull cloud is based on the same formula as the regular hulls but it's an EMA variant with a very high length.
This makes it he slowest moving cloud, but it's great to determine the macro trend.

If you want access send me a personal message.

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