Volatitity Bands (STARC) on RSI for reversal warning [beta]

Origin: The Indicator uses STARC volatilty bands created by Manning Stoller, based on ATR.
He perfered them to Bollinger because extreme price action never exceeds them.
Her former scholar and now TA Superstar Constance Brown applied them on RSI for getting
very relavant trend reversals. (She only used them in times when "overbought or not" becomes a severe question.
What it does: It delivers a reversal signal after rsi exceeded the bands and - as the bands resume the trend - the rsi fails to test the band once more. This is the moment of a reversal warning.
How to work with:
- Take the index of your interest and choose a time horizon one or two scales higher than your usual working horizon .(i.e if you work on Daily choose weekly).
-Scale the upper and the lower band via settings, so that the rsi only in rare cases exceeds or touches the bands. This is to tweak the reversal threshold. (For weekly SPX i am fine with 2.2 and 2.1)
- Find the arrows that mark possible reversals.
- Ready

Note: I called this a beta because i publish it with nearly no practical experience with it , just checked the formal correctness of the code. (Published so fast because it was written during the coronavirus days, for which to handle it might be helpful. )So feedback very welcome.
I took the formula in slight modification from the book "Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional", 2nd edition, by Constance Brown.

"Fun" Note: As you see the script would have warned before the corona selling - if you had used it.
I didn't because bull flags and all predicted nice weather...

Greets and again feedback welcome
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Update with removed drawings.
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