Short-Term Ichimoku Kinko-hyo+

This Ichimoku Kinko-Hyo is an indicator which has been changed for short-term trading and, It has a “target price theory(one of three theory of Ichimoku Kinko-Hyo) function.”

Also, In this indicator, It can be plotting the “Span model”, “Super Bollinger Bands” which has Invented by a Japanese currency dealer Toshihiko Masaki, And Moving Average.

In addition, you can select setting only “clouds” and “Lagging span” or displaying Default Ichimoku Kinko-Hyo.

This indicator is modified original Ichimoku Kinko-Hyo, but It made based on the true usage of Ichimoku Kinko-Hyo.

For the evidence, I referred to the book supervised by Ichimoku-Sanjin the third generation.

Describe below about features↓↓↓.
- 2nd Cloud to check relation two Lead Lines and Lagging span.
- Background-color for discovering “Three Roles Improvement (In Japanese: 三役好転)” and “Three Roles Reversal (In Japanese: 三役逆転)”.
- Signal of Crossing Base Line and Conversion Line.
- mode selection of Ichimoku Kinko Hyo.
- Calculation feature for Target Price theory.
- A switch to replace Base Line and Conversion Line with 3 Moving Average lines.
- And others...
Phát hành các Ghi chú: 2020/5/20 update

->Fix lagging span coloring logic.

->Adds calculation tools(I had written it in Japanese because it is easy to explain. Sorry.). I don't know these calculation's English translations, because I can't find them on the English website. Do overseas traders know these? Even Japanese traders don't know many of them. If know English name, Please tell me.
--->応用計算値を追加しました。今回のアップデートにより、「限定値幅」を除く、一目均衡表の値幅値幅論の全て計算方法を、私の知る限りでは、実装しました(他の計算値が判明した場合は、後ほど追加します)。今回追加したのは、「背反値(hai han chi)」、「習性値幅(shu sei ne haba)」、「3~8倍返しの計算値(V計算の拡張)」、「3~8層倍の計算値(E計算の拡張)」です。「限定値幅」もありますが、必要性が低いと判断したため、追加しませんでした。「限定値幅」の計算式は、「習性値幅」および「背反値」と同じです。よって、これらで応用可能です。異なるのは、「対象期間が両者よりも長いこと」のみですが、余程大きなトレンドでなければ、活用する機会も少ないでしょう。TwitterでDMしてくだされば、追加します(My twitter account: @3gKoba)。

->Change Bollinger Bands default length.

->I'll add functions in the next update.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: small change
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Bình luận

Can you please have a description of the 2 clouds or some more details of the N,E,V lines?
Phản hồi
KobySK arviman
@arviman, please wait. I'll create manual.
Phản hồi
is there any signal to buy or sell? how it works?
Phản hồi
KobySK leonardosaraivabs
@leonardosaraivabs, please wait. I'll create manual.
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