BERLIN Renegade - Entry and Exit

This is the entry and exit part of a larger algorithm called the "BERLIN Renegade". It is based on the NNFX way of trading, with some modifications.

For entry, it consists of Modified Chaikin Oscillator and Advanced MACD . The Advanced MACD is not available on its own, but all others are publically

For exit it consists of the DIDI Index and the QQE line (original idea by Jie). Special thanks to Michael Kuczynski for the idea to include the FTLM digital filter.

Long signal: Green bars (upper and lower are both green)
Short signal: Red bars (upper and lower are both red)
Exit signal: Purple bars (bottom) - DIDI Index with QQE line
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Bình luận

how do i make the exit indicator faster?
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lejmer itzalphz
@itzalphz, Try lowering the Curta (Short) Length, the Media (Medium) Length, and/or the Longa (Long) Length. You could also change the Didi Index MA to a faster MA, like EMA, or lower the QQE Factor.
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I understood that 2 green bar are an entry point (buy) . But what happens if there are 2 green bar (entry point) and a purple bar ? Thank you again for sharing this work .
Phản hồi
Great entry indicator - seems to have a good balance of being quick whilst filtering out possible ranges. Thanks very much.
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hi @lejmer , thanks for the Berlin series script. What do you think is the best way to combine this one with the Action Locator V2 ? For example: would you look into two green bars on this one and then look into the Action locator, or vice versa? Sometimes it happened that we have two green bars but nothing or only one buy indicator in the Action Locator,or the reverse.

Best regards,
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lejmer MasBart
@MasBart, I think the best way to utilize this indicator with Action Locator V2 is to wait for a blue bar on the Action Locator V2 (doesn't matter if it is lighter blue or darker blue), and then wait for two green bars in this indicator. You get your entries from this indicator that way. I would recommend combining this with other indicators and good money management though as this indicator is quite fast by default. It was originally created to scalp the DAX on volatile days, using the NNFX mindset on lower time frames, but a few of the traders on the NNXFX TradingView telegram channel found it profitable on the daily time frame, which is why I decided to publish it here, so that others could try it out too, and see if it was profitable or not.
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MasBart lejmer
@lejmer, Thanks for the recommendation. Best regards.
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Thanks Lejmer for a wonderful indicator. Can you please let me know if this can be useful on 15 min time frame? If yes then what changes should be made in the settings for better entry and exit?
Do we have to tick advanced MACD too? it makes certain bars black..what does that mean? Is it just a pause or something else? Sometimes purple bars are consecutive..what does that mean?

Please guide me to use it very effective way for intraday 15 min time frame or lower.
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is this indicator a all in one indicator or do we have to add the mentions indicators with this?
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lejmer Kas14
@Kas14, This is meant to give you possible entries and exits. To trade in the style of NNFX you still need a volatility or volume indicator and a baseline. I have examples of that in the BERLIN Renegade algo. However, do remember that this algo was designed for scalping shorter timeframes, and not for trading the daily (although people have used it on the daily with some success). This is why it is called "Renegade".
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