4MA Strategy

Uses 4 Ma cross...
Double Hull Moving Averages
Volume Weighted Moving Average
Weighted Moving Average

<<<<< by SeaSide420 >>>>>>
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//                                                    DoubleHullMA & VWMA & WMA combination  <<<<< by SeaSide420 >>>>>>
strategy("Multi-MA Strategy", overlay=true)
keh=input(title="Double HullMA",type=integer,defval=3, minval=1)
teh=input(title="Volume-Weighted MA",type=integer,defval=3, minval=1)
yeh=input(title="Base Weighted MA",type=integer,defval=75, minval=1)
a1=plot(n1,color=c),a2=plot(n2,color=c),a3=plot(yma,color=e),vwma=plot(rvwma,color=d, linewidth = 2)
plot(cross(n1, n2) ? n1 : na, style = cross, color=b, linewidth = 3)
closelong = n1<n2 and n1>yma and n1<rvwma
if (closelong)
closeshort = n1>n2 and n1<yma and n1>rvwma
if (closeshort)
longCondition = n1>n2 and strategy.opentrades<1 and n1<yma and n1>rvwma
if (longCondition)
shortCondition = n1<n2 and strategy.opentrades<1 and n1>yma and n1<rvwma
if (shortCondition)

Bình luận

Interesting! seems its doing great so far
Phản hồi
Screenshot of one set of settings (all MA's set to low number)
Phản hồi
Any timeframe ?
Phản hồi
I made it on 4H (NZDUSD), unknown results of other pairs/timeframes, try it, just play with the settings.
New strategy on its way, same as this, but with Stoch,MacD & Ichimoku added to its open/close conditions.
Phản hồi
SeaSide420 SeaSide420
seems better once the strategy setting "recalculate after order filled" is ticked
Order size set to "% of equity"
Pyramiding will not work with this strategy because of the script line "strategy.opentrades<1" (only opens a new position if opentrades is less than 1 (zero/none)
Phản hồi
zevgma SeaSide420
seems the other name for "recalculate after order filled" is "i know the future for one candle ahead of time" - almost all of my strategies look fantasticly profitable when the setting is ticked. so sad i don't know the future...
+5 Phản hồi