I've been asking for this concept for a while, a simple MA that rides the top side of the trend instead of the bottom, and by accident came across the 'Hull ma' on a TV blog post. I've added another two simple Moving averages to act as strength indicator with close proximity to the price.
The strategy is simple MA cross over but with the early indication using Hull ma gives you a heads up on trend / price reversal.
I'm using this in conjunction with BB set at 34. on a 1/3/5 min charts & Heiken Ashi to smooth out the noise with awesome success trading Binary options.
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//Script edited by vdubus
study(title="vdubsox ", shorttitle="vdubsox ", overlay=true)

//--------------------Strength indicators MA------------------
m4_src = close
m4_p = input(5, title="Strength indicator MA4:")

plot(sma(m4_src, m4_p), color=red, linewidth=3, title="Strength indicator MA4")

m5_src = close
m5_p = input(8, title="Strength indicator MA5:")

plot(sma(m5_src, m5_p), color=blue, linewidth=3, title="Strength indicator MA5")

//=============Hull MA==============================

source = close, length = input(9, minval=1)
hullma = wma(2*wma(source, length/2)-wma(source, length), round(sqrt(length)))

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Hello vdubus I am verily new to the binary option trading so sometimes its a struggle to get tho know the things.

So for me to understand it. you use a 1min chard in witch each candle represents 1minute. The step in is at the lowest or highest candle and the expiration is in case of an 5 min trade 5 candles further??

Thanks Ronald
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Hi Vdubus, thank you for posting this script! I'm fairly new to trading Binary Options and have been struggling to win trades and have tried alsorts of trade styles I've seen on You Tube and had no luck at all. As luck would have it one post on You Tube refured to this website so I signed up! Yesterday I came across your method ( script ) Wow ! 18 trades won and 5 lost. 15 trades of the 18 were on my demo account as were the 5 lost trades and 3 winners on my real money account. Thank you! The broker I'm with allows you to set you own expiry time so your in the trade for the whole period and it's 2 minutes min on Forex trades. Some trades were lost because the Heiken Ashi candles are new to me and I got caught out with the pull back on the new candle open as it seems to open higher than the previous candle close, I set expiry at 5 mins on a 5 min chart so I will experiment with longer expiry times. 3 of the five losses were due to the market going sideways directly after the MA's crossed. All in all this system worked vrey well for me thanks again. PS I will also experiment on my demo account with compounding my trades.
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Excellent script!
Phản hồi
Nice work. Can explain your strategy a bit more? what expire time do you use etc..
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vdubus Einare
Not really thats the million dollar question lol. I personally trade Binary Options off a 1min chart with 5-15 min expiry, so I try to enter as close to the expiry as possible, or at extreme highs / lows. But the stategy in theory should still play out the same on higher time fames. ie 1-5 min charts= 15-30 min expiry / 15-30 min charts = 1-2 hr expiry etc This can often work against me though so trade it at your own risk or
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ValDobre vdubus
Very inspiring, but I think the math is a little off, unless I misunderstand your logic.
Shouldn't the total be $2456 minus the initial $10 investment minus the red dot losses?
When you have a moment please enlighten me!
Phản hồi
vdubus ValDobre
red dots aren't losses they're no trade but yes you are right about the initial $10
Simple break donw 3 trades compounded $10, $18, $34 = $62 buys you 6 x $10 attempts to win another 3 total risk = $10
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ValDobre vdubus
I've been reading your posts which I find very informative.
I applied your method of doubling the winners (the win/loss ratio must be high) and it really made a difference for me.
Thank you sir for that!
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Excellent work!!!
Phản hồi
vdubus MXTrader
thanks Latino :)
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