EVWBB Strategy [QuantNomad]

It's my new strategy using EVWMA (Elastic Volume Weighted Moving Average ).
Now I created a Bollinger Bands strategy where basis level is EVWMA.
It looks pretty interesting but you have to be careful with the entries/exits on the same bar, I'm using stop orders, so on big moves it happens pretty often.
In the next version, I will try to eliminate these issues.

Entry for this strategy happens when price crossover upper for long and lower for short. I exit both short and long on basis level.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Fixed bug for missing data
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Bình luận

Spotted an error in the backtest for this algo. At specific settings it packs the majority of the trades into just the first few days of a count, giving completely wrong backtest.

Example pic
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QuantNomad ArgosyExponential
@ArgosyExponential, Thx, weird, will take a look.
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QuantNomad QuantNomad
@ArgosyExponential, fixed, should be ok now. Problem was for missing data for first bars in history.
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Elastic Volume Weighted Moving Average !

Woohoo thnks :)
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