CMF+ is a CMF study enhanced with a linear regression moving average.

Default Settings:
CMF: 13
Linear Regression of CMF: 34

Activate Vertical Bar Highlights and/or Signal Flags for:
- CMF Oversold/Overbought. (Default: Highlight Bar)
- CMF Extended Oversold/Overbought. (Default: Highlight Bar)
- CMF crossing its Linear Regression . (Default: Signal Flag)

Users can also do extra tuning in Style Section of Format options.

To use this indicator we need to observe the market's behaviour and identify which settings are fit for the timeframe and type market you trading.

Recommended suggested settings
CMF: 13/14
Linear Regression of CMF: 34/21

The market behaves differently when the pacing changes, volatility change and, when it trends or when it ranges. Develop an understanding of it with the help of this study.

Avoid risking more than 1% per trade. Be responsible for always making a priority about protecting capital and managing risk.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Several cosmetic changes to be aligned with RSI+ ( ) and OBV+ ( )
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