Old private script but very nice for detection of trends
it a hybrid of OBV with RSI and multiple type of MA
if we change length of MA we can make to be like stoch type indicator
same princeple as RSI but since its OBV it more responsive
you can buy if cross lower treshold or sell if crossdown upper treshold (can be set by menue)
or you can by and sell in this example by cross between the fast and slow OBV RSI MA
different MA give different results
so another toy to play with
in past I use this script for my trading to detect trends
signal and alerts are included
the fast one is color green ( bullish ), red ( bearish )the slow one is black
so another toy to play with to those who love OBV :)

here example of forex

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Thanks for sharing this source
With your permission, I will use the MA functions in my codes.
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really thanks for nice script
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@krajesh, old script ,but nice
Phản hồi
this chart is predicting OBV divergence. hahaha, let's prepare for long position!!!
Phản hồi
RafaelZioni mathenger
@mathenger, yep.btc went up very nice:)
Phản hồi
mathenger RafaelZioni
@RafaelZioni, perhaps somewhat coupling nasdaq
Phản hồi
mathenger RafaelZioni
@RafaelZioni, but i think it will be bearish again soon!!
because the RSI Divergence on the 4h chart
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i feel appreciate sir!
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