Firebird Binary Algorithm ヾ(・Θ・)ノ〃

Built with Love by Reborn Markets (。♥‿♥。). Activities of this Algorithm are far from "predictions", this is pure mathematics!


IT IS FREE TO USE. For a Limited Time.

On 19th of June 2019 this algorithm will be re-published as an invite only script. It is going to be based on paid monthly subscription for access.

Traders who would like to have LIFETIME access which will not be available once this script goes private. Must test, freely use and MUST make lifetime access payment of $100 before 19th of June.

Once the script has been re-published as an invite-only script. New users will need to pay $50 / Month. It is a Win/Win deal for our Traders.

This is a powerful script with unbelievable results and features. Your days of losing are now over

TOP Features:
  • During best trading time - Traders can have 100% WIN, You can have an average growth rate of 10% daily using this algorithm.

  • Apply to the 5-Minutes Timeframe. It only works in this Timeframe

  • Artistically built to make it convenient for the manual Traders to use - Alert is only made available for paid traders. Thank you supporting our dedication ( ˘ ³˘)♥

  • This algorithm is also available for Automated Trading with users of broker - visit
    to start your journey to wealth. Money while you sleep

  • All licensed Binary Option brokers have fixed or dynamic 15-Minutes Expiry

  • The system has a smart system for hedging losses and make sure that Losses are Minimal -
    The signals contained in this algorithm are up to Five steps. This is no Martingale, Firebird does not just blindly give hedging signals but understudies new market conditions so sometimes, It will stop you at the first or second trade, if the market condition remain favorable for profit, trust that Firebird will provide signals that have a 90% chance of ending in profit.

  • This is not a guessing algorithm, from the entry points, you can observe that the algorithm gives trades a hedge against whipsaw markets and poor entry. If you use the Autobot with this algorithm which is available at RebornMarkets, traders are trading multiple assets with the algorithm, gaining all the profit, without the mental effort.

  • This algorithm has a Timing dynamism too: There are two Backgrounds -
    (i). The Bright/Yellow Session which is from 06:00-17:00 ( GMT 00) - The Algorithm works best in this time.
    (ii). The Dark/Gray Session which is any time outside the Best Trading Hours, even though trades usually have an above average performance, trader should be cautious trading outside the bright or Best Trading time.

  • Results are displayed for every trade on the chart. This makes transparency 100%. You can visually scroll through the chart to see the performance. We are sure you would be amazed by how much profit was possible if we had made this available months ago

  • Signals from the algorithm is also sent to Telegram for traders who like to trade Mobile - This service is available through Reborn Markets.

  • Purchase LIFETIME Access here:
    - Remember, once it's an invite only script no chance to have lifetime access. Only Monthly access.

  • For Money Management: Traders should use the money management system discussed by Reborn Markets here

    or alternatively use their own preferred money management technique.

For Feedback and further inquiries, you can reach the authors of this masterpiece here:
  • Twitter: @rebornmarkets, @bettlecrypto
  • Telegram
Phát hành các Ghi chú: New Update

  • Signal have been optimized

  • Alerts for BUY and SELL have now been included

  • The steps have been reduced to Two trades per session instead of the former 5 trades. If you take a single trade - make sure you divide your risk into two in the case that the hedge trade comes up - If you risk 5% of your account per session - you can divide it into 60-40% between the first and second trade.

  • Colors, Labels and Elements
    1. GREEN Label with "BUY-1" - Means BUY Signal {Enter BUY Trades for 15 Minutes}

    2. RED Label with "SELL-1" - Means SELL Signal {Enter SELL Trades for 15 Minutes}

    3. LIME vertical background - Means the Option Trade ended in Profit or "ITM - In The Money"

    4. RED vertical background - Means the trade ended in a Loss or "OTM - Out The Money"

    5. GREEN square - Means the trade ended in Profit with text on which of the trades either; BUY-1,SELL-1,BUY-2 or SELL-2

    6. ORANGE Square - Means a temporary loss because a new trade will be triggered after the Loss which reduces the loss or makes profit depends on the money management used by the trader.

    7. RED square - Means permanent loss because both first and second trade Losses. This only happens when the Trend is having a general shift - traders should expect instances like this but it does it not cause a huge draw-down on your account due to the gains over the trends, especially long trends.

    8. YELLOW Background - Signifies best trading hours - This is from 06:00 - 17:00 (GMT 00)

    9. DARK Background - Signifies any time outside the best trading hours.

    10. Alerts - There are two alert; "BUY" and SELL" - Select "BUY" for "BUY -15 Minutes" and do the same for SELL.

Please NOTE that this script will become invite only by 19th of June 2019, it would only be accessible by Monthly subscription of $50. Traders who want LIFETIME access can purchase this script for $100 before it goes into invite-only

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Phát hành các Ghi chú: Frequency of Weak signals have been eradicated. Enjoy!
Phát hành các Ghi chú: ...
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