Publishing this script on special request.

script siulates the strategy given by very polite and veteran trader from Patna ( NK Stock Talk ) . according to him, one can predict the market movement in any timeframe by applying some correlations of volume and price on top of strength.

He recommends to apply weighted moving avergage ( to predict volume factor ) on top of RSI and EMA to predict price ( on top of RSI again ) along with VWAP . i could not include VWAP here in script but it can be added separatly by just striking "/" on chart.

for more information and understanding on the strategy, one can refer the channel of NK Stock talk
search "Hilega To Milega (Hilbe_milbe ) Trading & Investing super System" on youtube.

Hopefully this will be usefull for all those who are using basic serverice of trading view and could not do indicator on top of indicator.

Disclaimer : I am just publishing for public use and nothing is recommendation. please understand it first before applying to trading. purpose of this script is solely on giving example how pine can be used to solved indicator on indicator problems. all credit to person who created this strategy.

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Với tinh thần của TradingView, tác giả đã xuất bản tập lệnh theo mã nguồn mở, vì thế trader có thể dễ dàng hiểu và tùy chỉnh được. Bạn có thể sử dụng miễn phí, hoặc tùy chỉnh lại mã đã được cấp phép bởi Quy tắc Chung. Bạn có thể sử dụng nó trên biểu đồ.

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nice and clean code

i remember someone asked me to code this earlier and i remember that oversold and overbought levels were included in the strategy if i am not wrong

plot(input(80, 'RSI Overboght Threshold', minval=50, maxval=100), 'Overboght Threshold',, 2)
plot(input(20, 'RSI Oversold Threshold' , minval=1 , maxval=50 ), 'Oversold Threshold',, 2)
+2 Phản hồi
@dgtrd, Thanks , actually I got video as input and as per strategy he shifted 80/20 to 50 for a single line . No oversold and overbought . Above 50 buy strength and below 50 sell strength
+1 Phản hồi
dgtrd daytraderph
@daytraderph, 👍 thanks for the info, i tried the video you have reference but language :)
+3 Phản hồi
@dgtrd, despite having vast knowledge and contribution on the pine and strategies, you put an effort to look into it, that really matters. the language is not English in video but i think content must be known to you already.
Phản hồi
+1 Phản hồi
@CHDVIKAS, Very true buy and sell arrows will be really helpful
Phản hồi
daytraderph bhavnani2007
@bhavnani2007, @CHDVIKAS, source code is open in a spirit that it can be modified for any further customization.
Phản hồi
CHDVIKAS daytraderph
I don't know how to modify

No idea of programming
Phản hồi
Can u please plot arrows
Phản hồi
CHDVIKAS bhavnani2007
@bhavnani2007, can u plot arrows
Phản hồi
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