Cracking Cryptocurrency - Exponential Moving Averages

Cracking Cryptocurrency - Exponential Moving Averages

This is the preferred EMA Indicator of Cracking Cryptocurrency Traders. We have based our statistical levels of support and resistance , trend, and momentum utilizing Fibonacci Numbers for our EMA inputs.

This script utilizes the Key Numbers of 8, 13, 21, 55, 100, and 200 as we have found those to work the best for Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

Features and Functions
  • Multi-Time Frame Function
  • Multiple Source Rendering
  • Multiple Smoothing Options
  • Adjust Look back Length
  • Plot Custom Signals

Multiple Time Frame Feature

Do you want to watch the EMA's of a higher or lower time frame while analyzing the price action of a different time frame? With this indicator, it's quite easy! Just select the desired Time Frame to display your EMA's and they will automatically change without affecting the price action you're currently looking at, or having to change your Time Frame Resolution. This has been upgraded and simplified with a drop-down menu for selecting your desired Time Frame.

Plot Crossovers

Want to keep it simple? Select Plot Crossovers and this script will display optimum times to buy and sell based on Trending Momentum utilizing your selected EMA crosses. Highly effective, back-test it and see!
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This is the best script for moving averages on trading view, Great Work !!!
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