Linear Regression Slope

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Script which calculates the linear regression slope, giving an idea where enter or exit in a market position.
Please if anybody have suggestions, let me know.
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// Created by emiliolb -- Version 1.0
// Contact emiliolb@outlook.com 
study(title="Linear Regression Slope", shorttitle="LRS", overlay=true)

src = close[0]
len = input(defval=150, minval=1, title="Linear Regression Length")
lrc = linreg(src, len, 0)
plot(lrc, color = red, title = "Linear Regression Curve", style = line, linewidth = 2)

lrprev = linreg(close[1], len, 0)
slope = ((lrc - lrprev) / interval)

//Please if somebody have suggestions how show this better, let me know
codiff = slope
plotarrow(codiff, colorup=teal, colordown=orange, transp=40)

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hi there
great script!
is there any chance to set alerts when arrows go from green to red and vice versa?
would be a great feature
keep up the great work
+4 Phản hồi
This rocks! I like using it in the 1 minute set to 50 - works perfectly!! Thanks!
+3 Phản hồi
Hi Emelio,
do you know how to code this LRS indicator in javascript?
I don't need the highlight bars or anything else, I just need the lines and to be able change the colour of the line.
+2 Phản hồi
Nice Tool Emilio!
+2 Phản hồi
in line 11 what is the interval set by?
+1 Phản hồi
emiliolb JoshuaMcGowan
@JoshuaMcGowan, interval is a reserved word that gets the value from the popup to set the timeframe, colors amd arrows
+1 Phản hồi
@emiliolb, thank you :) figured it was an artifact not available in v4 now. Much appreciated.
Phản hồi

I'm trying to code a Linear Regression Band indicator that has the same standard deviations as the built in Linear Regression indicator/drawing tool.

The mean of my indicator (code below) is correct but the standard deviation bands are always in the wrong place when I compare them to the same length LR indicator or drawing tool.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue so that the bands match the built in drawing tool/indicator?

Here is my code ...

study(shorttitle="LRB", title="Linear Regression Bands", overlay=true)
source = close
length = input(50, minval=1)
offset = 0
mult = input(2, title="StDev", minval=0.001, maxval=5)
basis = linreg(source, length, offset)
dev = mult * stdev(source, length)
upper = basis + dev
lower = basis - dev
plot(basis, color=red)
plot(upper, color=blue)
plot(lower, color=blue)

Many thanks! Pete
Phản hồi
emiliolb peterlondon
@peterlondon, I'm sorry I just saw this now. Had you fixed this?
Phản hồi
peterlondon emiliolb
@emiliolb, yes, many thanks :)
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