The Trendpeek Buy Sell Indicator analyzes various algorithms for decision making and generation of Buy Sell signals based on trend. It is optimized for Cryptocurrency Markets with focus on high volatile moves. However, Trendpeek can be used for all markets including Commodities , FOREX, Stocks.

It is based on Candle sticks, Volatility , MA, TD sequential, Heikinashi, and Bitcoin dominance.

Trendpeek works on all timeframes, and candle types.

One of the cool feature is BTCD protection. Most of the Altcoins are highly corelated to Bitcoin Dominance, this function analyzes the Bitcoin dominance trend and gives input for overall decision making.

It consists of auto factor adjustments to minimize the complexity of settings.

It also displays TD9 candle based on TD sequential algorithm for taking positions/profits.

Setting Buy/Sell Alerts with Trendpeek is available.

Trendpeek Settings

“BTCD Protection” - On/Off Bitcoin Dominance Protection - This allows to timely exit Altcoin markets or reduce your Alt exposure when Bitcoin Dominance is rising

“Support and Resistance” - On/Off showing Supports and Resistances on your chart.

“Show TD9” - On/Off showing TD Sequential signals on your chart - it color code candles when TD sequencial signals 9.

Trendpeek is for information purpose only and doesnot offer any kind of financial advice.

Frequent upgrades comming.

How to gain access
Use the link below to obtain access to this indicator
Phát hành các Ghi chú: 1) Improved Trend visualization
2) Automatic/manual Take profit signals added
3) Automatic/manual Stop loss added
4) Alerts for Take Profit and Stop loss added
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Bug fixed for Alerts
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Can I access your script
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