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The essential suite Indicator
that are well integrated to ensure visibility of essential items for trading.

it is very cumbersome to put symbol in the Tradingview chart and combine essential individual indicators one by one.
Moreover even with such a combination, the chart is messy and visibility is not good.
This is because each indicator is not designed with the others in mind.
This suite was developed as a composite-solution to that situation, and will make you happy.

--> This is steamlined pin-up version of . srb suite.
--> A minimal set of indicators for comparing different symbols.
--> This is well-balanced alternative next version of previous .b pin-up symbol

BTC-agg. Volume

4 BTC-spot & 4 BTC-PERP volume aggregated.
It might helps you don't miss out on important volume flows.
Weighted to spot trading volume when using PERP+spot volume .
If enabled, BTC-agg.Vol automatically applied when selecting BTC-pair.
--> This is used in calculations involving volumes, such as VWAP .

Moving Average

1 x JMA trend ribbon ; Accurately follow short-term trend changes.
2 x EMA ribbon ; zone , not the line.
MA extension line ; It provide high visibility to recognize the direction of the MA.


BB regular (Dev. 2.0, 2.5)
BB Extented (Dev. 2.5, 3.0, 3.5)

SPECIAL TOOLS - Ultra Volume Marking

x2 x4 greater than regular average volume , it will help you can take the reversal
It does not directly indicate volume , but ultra-volume marking is enough for compare.

if you have any questions freely contact to me by message on tradingview
but please understand that responses may be quite late.
Special thanks to all of contributors of community.
The script may be freely distributed under the MIT license.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: minor bugfix, update
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Update ; pre-defined symbols
  • Index ; NQ1!, USTECH100, KOSPI, DXY (US Dollar Index)
  • Cryptocurrency ; BTC, ETH, XRP, ADA, SOL, DOGE, DOT, MATIC, AVAX, TRX
  • Cryptocurrency Dominance ; BTC.D USDT.D USDC.D
Phát hành các Ghi chú: feature update

Information Panel ; RSI14 display included
Phát hành các Ghi chú: update

JMA ribbon's behavior little changed.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: feature update

  • BB 25 --> 20 (changed. default = Standard length)
  • info.panel ---> re-designed (for lower height)
  • info.panel ---> rsi14 (color-marked) display added
  • pre-defined symbols updated
DXY    U.S.Dollar INDEX
GOLD  Gold (USD/oz) CFD
SILVER Silver (USD/oz) CFD
NG1!   Natural Gas Futures
DJI    Dow Jones INDEX CFD
IXIC   NASDAQ Composite, TVC
SSEC  Shanghai Composite INDEX
DAX   German Stock INDEX
KOSPI   Korean Composite INDEX
NI225     Japan Nikkei 225 INDEX
NQ1!   NASDAQ-100 Futures,CME
BTC    USDT spot, Binance
ETH     USDT spot, Binance
XRP     USDT spot, Binance
ADA     USDT spot, Binance
SOL     USDT spot, Binance
DOGE    USDT spot, Binance
DOT     USDT spot, Binance
MATIC   USDT spot, Binance
AVAX    USDT spot, Binance
TRX     USDT spot, Binance
BTC.D Bitcoin Dominance %
USDT.D  Tether Dominance %
USDC.D  USD Coin Dominance %
Phát hành các Ghi chú: defaul setting change
  • info.panel > symbol's description default ; true --> false (for a visibility)
Phát hành các Ghi chú: option tab & pre-defined symbols

Phát hành các Ghi chú: changed:

according to reasonable advice ; roll-back description option default ; false --> true
Phát hành các Ghi chú: bug-fixed
malfunction ; about Force Gap-filled .... feature.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: symbol_tooltip added.

"Specific symbols are subscription required for realtime usage. ex) CME Group (E-Mini Included) — CME, CBOT, COMEX, NYMEX"
Phát hành các Ghi chú: bugfix, update

1. tooltip comments added
2. bug-fix ; BTC agg.volume related
3. info.panel renewal
4. ultra-volume marking color-tune
5. symbol description removed --> mouse rollover on tooltip

Phát hành các Ghi chú: update

- info.panel design renewal
- JMA ribbon color tuned
Phát hành các Ghi chú: update
- pre-defined symbol added
- ma-x trend coloring tuned
- info.panel update
Phát hành các Ghi chú: update : several BTC-pair added for agg.vol


Phát hành các Ghi chú: update

- BBE feature removed
1. In practical use of this indicator, when displayed in a low-height pane, the BBE does not display properly (low visibility)
2. and it's interferes with displaying the actual movement of the candle.
3. performance issue : info.panel is getting slow-down (This is, of course, a problem with the TV server, but there is a serious real-time display problem during trading hours when many people use TV.)
4. simply best : The minimum you need, I think it's better.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: update screenshot
Phát hành các Ghi chú: info.panel : RSI14 color-marking
Phát hành các Ghi chú: update screenshot
Phát hành các Ghi chú: correction : wrong previous update (different indicator overide, sorry)
Phát hành các Ghi chú: mass update

Be happy !
  • Aggr.vol feature ; BTC-pair & ETH-pair added (currently 7spot, 7perp)
  • Aggr.vol feature ; Spot / Perp / Spot+Perp with rel. ratio adjustable
  • Using aggr.vol, Steamlined Ultra Vol! feature (from .srb suite vol & info) added
  • Info.panel re-designed (Aggr. info, volume info. included)
  • All features from .srb suite vol & info, got the result same with originals .
    --> To use together on the same basis.
  • The setting menu was also changed based on the same standard for the .srb suite series.

FYI, The purpose of this indicator is to be an immediate and efficient reference for trading other pairs.
So, complex expressions or features that couldn't be immediately understood will not be added in the future.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Release Notes: update ; ultra vol setting menu = several options added
Phát hành các Ghi chú: update

  • ultra vol! colorize candle feature added.

I strive to create a reliable daily tool that is used every day by professional traders.

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