BaoBaoMaster - Crypto Trading Alerts

- Crypto Trading Alerts is a tool which show Buying and Selling signals ( Long & Short signals ). This helps traders save trading time and getting Profit maximization.

- Functions:

+ To optimize the Buying and Selling signals ( Long & Short signals ) for each time frame M5, M15, H1, H4 . Display on Tradingview’s chart.

+ Introduce the trend of the market to help traders easily trade in the trend, reduce the risk of losses.

+ Stoploss/Takeprofit setting calculated by every percent will help traders do the Stoploss and Takeprofit by their strategy more easy.

+ Announce by pop-up and Alerts in Tradingview or send an e-mail or Telegram Channel when there are some signals. Traders may not online but still know when is the good time to trade.

+ Intelligent and correct algorithms. Combined a lot of indicators such as MA, RSI , Stoch , MACD , MTF, TD-Sequential... to give the most accurate signal. Customize the Pyramid strategy go follow the strategies of the traders.

+ The signal is completely accurate and immediate, NEVER REPAINTED.

* SPECIAL: Crypto Trading Alerts could combine with bot Autoview to trade automatically by signals without the control of traders. Buy, sell, cut loss, take profit automatically and work 24/24h.

- Sign up and try it out here:
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