Satya Comprehensive Zones -V4-Rel 2.4

This is comprehensive automatic supply and demand zone identifications . And in addition , it also denotes various odd enhancers.

After adding the indicators, there are few things which you need select:

1. WIT ( Weekly Income Trade) -- In the curve time frame, choose the curve time frame : WIT/DIT/HIT ( weekly income trade/Daily Income trade/Hourly Income Trade)
2. select the no of base candles to be considered while drawing the Supply and Demand Zones. <3 candles,, up to 6 candles

Odd enhancers:

1. The zones are marked based
a) on time of the zone : If the no of base candles are <=3, it is marked with diamond odd enhancer
b) Freshness : Fresh ness is marked with numerical character "1" . First touch is big "1" and subsequent touches up to total 4 touches are marked .
c) strenght of the zone: is marked by character star symbol if it is high strength zone
d). if the first touch happens with in the first set of candles,(5) , it is denoted with flag symbol
e) the candle stick formations occuring at the zones is denoted with Hammer/Bu Haramin/Bullish engulfing/inv hammer/Bearish Harami/Bearish
f) trend based on Moving averages is also shown and need to be selected accordingly

The indicator automatically draws this in all time frames .

This is only tool and the strategy to be used to go long/short will come later as it is extensive subject to learn

Aug 07
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Updated the colors and added user input for showing the <5 candle touch or showing off
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Hi Satya name is Kumar...I m also working on this type of automation code..I have learned all the courses from OTA and also price action courses.....I m struggling to complete the MIP Structure in the pine scripts...if you have time can we speak for 5minutes...
Phản hồi
swamyavvaru swamyavvaru
@swamyavvaru, can u give me permission to use this indicator for me
Phản hồi
@swamyavvaru, given permission
Phản hồi
swamyavvaru satyamboggavarapu
@satyamboggavarapu, Thanks for giving me permission to see your Indicator. I am also to writing the code to get the demand MIP and Supply MIP. Currently i am in Texas, US and working as Project Lead but i am very much passionate on trading. Me & My wife together learnt all this courses.
Basically i am from HYD, if you have time can we talk directly.
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