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This is a slightly different way of plotting ADX used by Leaf_West at http://tradingwithleafwest.net/ The criteria for plotting this version of ADX are described in the Educational Info pdfs on the Website.
This is my attempt to replicate Leaf_West's presentation of ADX .
Use of the indicator is described in detail in the Educational info pdfs: http://tradingwithleafwest.net/
I have used ADX (8) and DMI(9) for a best fit.. Leaf's methods evolve as time goes on and
The BATS data feed has the usual issues affecting the plots, a realtime data feed is the way to go. Credit for the original ADX and DMI script goes to Greeny
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// This is a different way of plotting ADX used by Leaf_West at http://tradingwithleafwest.net/.  
// The criteria for plotting ADX are described in the educational info.  
// This is my attempt to replicate Leaf_West's indicator.
// The BATS data feed has the usual issues.  Realtime data is the way to go.
// Credit for the original ADX and DMI script goes to Greeny

study("Trend Strength/ADX Leaf_West style", shorttitle=" Trend Strength ADX LW")
LWadxlength = input(8, title="ADX period")
LWdilength = input(9, title="DMI Length")

dirmov(len) =>
	up = change(high)
	down = -change(low)
	truerange = rma(tr, len)
	plus = fixnan(100 * rma(up > down and up > 0 ? up : 0, len) / truerange)
	minus = fixnan(100 * rma(down > up and down > 0 ? down : 0, len) / truerange)
	[plus, minus]

adx(LWdilength, LWadxlength) => 
	[plus, minus] = dirmov(LWdilength)
	sum = plus + minus
	adx = 100 * rma(abs(plus - minus) / (sum == 0 ? 1 : sum), LWadxlength)
	[adx, plus, minus]

[ADX, up, down] = adx(LWdilength, LWadxlength)
LWADX= (ADX-15)*2.5
adxcolor= up>down?green: red
plot(LWADX, color=adxcolor, title="Trend Strength")
plot (LWADX, color=adxcolor , style= histogram, linewidth= 4)

plot(0, color=black, title="Chop Zone")
plot(20, color=green, title="Mendoza Line", linewidth=1)
plot(100, color=red, title=" Extreme Zone", linewidth=1)

Bình luận

Message me if you want Leaf WestPdfs. I can give you a dropbox link for downloading the info
+3 Phản hồi
@jayy, hey jay can you send me the pdfs please? abeherontrading@gmail.com
Phản hồi
i read his blog and it is look like powerful indicator. thanks for adding it. your adx and dmi settings are really good fit too.
+3 Phản hồi
jayy jackvmk
Thank you. It does seem to be a useful way to plot ADX.
+3 Phản hồi
Leaf West's website has shut down. He has switched to commenting/educating through Twitter. His educational PDfs are no longer available. I do have some his pdfs if you are interested in reading how Leaf_West intended to use his indicators message me. I can easily send the info via email. I am sure there are other ways available too.
+1 Phản hồi
@jayy, I am interested to receive Leaf's PDFs. Is it possible to send me his PDFs to rez120always@gmail.com?
Thanks in advance.

Phản hồi
jayy rez120
@rez120, Chung check your TV messages. Jayy
Phản hồi
@jayy, Hey can u send me the pdf..mp17991@gmail....Thanks :)
Phản hồi
Great indicator
In his pdf leafs indicator paint the price bars would be great if you could incorporate this
Phản hồi
Hi, Could you send me the pdfs?
Many Thanks!
Phản hồi
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