MTF IQ IFM Moving Average

MTF ready adaptive MA using Ehler's IQ IFM ( In Phase - Quadrature Instantaneous Frequency Measurement ).

Ehler's formula is a method of quantitatively measuring the length of a market cycle. In this case it is used to calculate the "optimal" adaptive EMA .

Theoretically the length generated by Ehler's formula could be used in many indicators and it's been placed within it's own function so you should be able to simply copy/paste it. HOWEVER pine will not accept series variables for the length input used in built-in functions. You will have to manually code (or find) a version of your indicator that doesn't use the pine built in.

Options :
type : optionally add volume weighting
range : historical range used in IQ IFM
cycle length mult : method to create faster/slower MAs. eg 0.5 is half the length of a cycle and a faster EMA ie EMA10 vs EMA20
low sat fix : some cryptocurrencies with low satoshi values cause an issue with the calculation, if you get no/nonsensical lines, enable this. Shouldn't affect other instruments, but can be disabled just in case.
MTF options: run the calculation on an alternative timeframe


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Incredible sir, that pine bug got me curious...
Phản hồi
rumpypumpydumpy syrinxflunki
@syrinxflunki, the low sat thing? I haven't looked into it yet, but my guess is pine only using so many place values for asin/atan etc and it's probably producing weird rounded down to 0 results as part of the calc
Phản hồi
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