MAST Trend

Hello Traders !!

This is a simple super trend based MAST trend.

By default the supertrend is 10 period with 3 ATR multiplier.

A moving average is used to benefit from the pullback entries.

Bullish Pullback : Price above Supertrend & below MA
Bullish: Price above Supertrend and above MA

Bearish pullback : Price below Supertrend & above MA
Bearish : Price below Supertrend & below MA

Refer to investopedia or any relevant articles for in detail about Supertrend.
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how to set buy sell alerts
+40 Phản hồi
bialy39 accessinfoway
@accessinfoway, You can set any moving average (MA, SMA, WMA. I'm using WMA 9) and set an alert on line cross with MAST trend.
+5 Phản hồi
@bialy39, thanks .. what is ideal time frame for intraday .. SL / TG ..
+19 Phản hồi
@bialy39, in MAst trend there are 3 plot .. which plot to choose for setting up alert
Phản hồi
bialy39 accessinfoway
@accessinfoway, it's plot 3. Time frame does not matter but for trading don't use less than 6h.
Phản hồi
What are rules
+20 Phản hồi
Dear creator of this scrip, does it work on all time frames 1m----1D??
+5 Phản hồi
Hi.. Will this work in Intraday Bank Nifty? If yes, which would be the best time frame?.

Many Thanks,
+2 Phản hồi
nice and clear .
+1 Phản hồi
Nice one.. Can I get alert when trend gets changed (from Red to Green and vice versa)?
Phản hồi