Rip Dip Signals Strategy & Study v1 - Optimised For Automation

After several months of using other published Study scripts, subscriptions (with and without back testers) without achieving what I thought was more profitable, i decided to write the code myself.

Background: I invested in paid signals (like a lot of others do) bows, MAs, divergence, 'Holy Grails' etc - only to realise that actual profit wouldn't come close to live performance. Mostly because due to the signals inconstancies, they were either buying too high or selling too late or the complexity to have to reconfigure the signals parameters to each coin based on back testing results - far too inconsistent to rely upon going forward, not to mention repainting.

I devised this script based on various MACD , StochRSI and CCI parameters where the indicators would fit nicely across several coins without having to reconfigure much at the user end. Coin selection is key and can be found using the screener (apply filters and save)

If you use 3commas, you can quite easily devise a 'master switch' to automate opening a deal only if it meets certain criteria - e.g. a 'Strong Buy' on the 4hr AND a 'Buy' on 1hr. This is crucial to cut out all the noisy signals, or signals that appear on a down trend.

Im using the script to trade with success utilising other external resources for automation and SL/TP. Works best with 1Hr, 2Hr and 4Hr time frames and with HA candles. Works best on climbers as expected, as well as sideways range action. Haven't tested on anything other than Crypto BTC pair and USD.

Alerts: I've built these in. Use 'Per Bar Close' for confirmation. Could use 'Per Bar' at own risk of phantom trades.

Code functionality is always open to improvement, therefore suggestions will always be welcomed. Happy trading!

Telegram Channel:



Phát hành các Ghi chú: Tidied up from original script, retaining only settings that are valid for the project at this stage. Further parameters will become available in later releases
Phát hành các Ghi chú: - Changed the user settings
- Updated 'Only Trade Above 200MA' to 'Only Trade Above X MA'


- Stop Loss/Take Profit
- Trailing Profit
- Stop Loss TimeOut
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Added trading alternatives

Rip Dip Side Sauce - optimised for sideways action
Rip Dip Bull Sauce - maximises profit on uptrends/breakout


- Stop Loss/Take Profit
- Trailing TP/SL
- SL timeout
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Hello. This looks very promising. Can I have a test run to see how it performs on some coin pairs? Thanks.
Phản hồi
hello, would like to test this out pls
Phản hồi
hi can i have accesses on trial basis
Phản hồi
chutzpah ashishpurohit
@ashishpurohit, thanks for looking. Would be good to get your feedback. Sent you a PM
Phản hồi
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