High/Low stop

First of all let me quote some important points :
• You need stops; a trade without a stop is a gamble.
• You need to know where you’ll put your stop before you enter
a trade.
• Everybody needs hard stops.
• Whenever you change a stop, you may move it only in the direc-
tion of the trade.

There is a variety of techniques available to traders who like to use
trailing stops:
• You can use a multibar low as a trailing stop; for example, you
can keep moving your stop to the lowest low of the last three
bars (but never against your trade).

• You can trail prices with a very short moving average and use its
level for a trailing stop.
• You can use a Chandelier stop—every time the market makes a
new high, move the stop within a certain distance from the top—
either a specific price range or a number based on an ATR (aver-
age true range). Any time your stock makes a new high, you place
your stop within that distance from the top, like hanging a chan-
delier (this method is described in Come into My Trading Room).
• You can use a Parabolic stop .
• You can use a SafeZone stop .
• You can use a Volatility-Drop stop (described below, for the first
time in trading literature).
• You can use a Time Stop to get out of your trade if it does not
move within a certain time. For example, if you enter a day-trade
and the stock does not move within 10 or 15 minutes, it is clearly
not doing what you expected and it is best to scratch that trade.
If you put on a swing trade which you expect to last several
days, but then a week goes by and the stock is still flat, it is
clearly not confirming your analysis and the safest action would
be to get out.
This is a summary taken from Dr Elder book and this indicator i coded from one of his book where he briefly mention this trailing stop technique but don't dive a lot into it, but still i found to be very effective.
You can use even the short stop (the green dots) as an entry point.
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