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Hi traders,

Not posted in a couple of days due to filming some new courses I will be releasing soon on all things related bitcoin , stocks and FX! Done around 40 hours of footage so far!

Let's check up on how our bots doing incase you're wondering...

We started on 1.3 BTC on 18th April, we used X2 leverage and now we're on 1.58BTC and counting. If BTC goes to 10K we will be uoto 1.64BTC.

Not to mention we invested in BTC at 8K so there's gains on the actual BTC aswell.

With the bot you can safely hedge out positions or use it to acquire more BTC in any market conditions. Our clients made 60% in a week when BTC dropped to 7.5K from 10K back in March.

As noted in the testimonial @Hemjoo the bot does not make money in stagnated markets, or tight ranges such as the last 3 days. However our bot does not lose in those times either it simply performs at breakeven. With btc volatility is a given so this is not an issue.

If you want to get a trial just drop me a message and I will add you when the new courses are out next week which makes learning the installation process smoohter for everyone.

Best regards,

Mr Grey

Ps if youre looking for reviews there are some in the comment sections in some of the scripts.

I've asked some of the members to make video testimonails so hopefully they will soon!
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I want to participate in your strategy, thank you.
Phản hồi
Please give me access, thank you.
Phản hồi
Could you give me an entry confirmation, please. thank you!!!
Phản hồi
cool i got your msg but i need alerts for automation! grant accsess plz mate! cheers
Phản hồi
Could you give me an entry confirmation, please. thank you. Best regards.
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