A least squares filter using the Auto line as source, practical for noise removal without higher phase shift.

Its possible to create another parameter for the auto-line length, just add a parameter Period or whatever you want.

r = round(close/round)*round
dev = stdev(close,Period)

Hope you enjoy :)
Phát hành các Ghi chú:
  • No longer need to round
  • Color change
  • Color change based on indicator direction discontinued
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Bình luận

Hello Alex,

This is a Nice Script do you code for both Pine Script and MT4
Phản hồi
alexgrover Sebastian_Castellanos
@Sebastian_Castellanos, Hi, thanks for your feedback. Unfortunaly y don't code in mt4/mt5 but if you want a similar indicator in mt4 try the monarch filter or the forexguru cluster filter, if you want the last one i can send it to you by mail, pm me if you are interested :)

Best Regards
Phản hồi
@alexgrover, Nice to hear from You. I found the Monarch Filter . Will try it out.
I mostly trade forex so i am looking for helpful indicators.
So you only Make Indicators or strategies for Pine Script
Phản hồi
alexgrover Sebastian_Castellanos
@Sebastian_Castellanos, pinescript and scilab are the only languages i know.Monarch look like a really good indicator, the cost is really high so subscribe to the monarch signal first if you want, its less costly if i remember well.

Hope this help :)
Phản hồi
@alexgrover, Trading View just does not have any Pattern Recognization Software .I thought i will find it in here It would be great to see that tool in here . I will check the Monarch Indicator.
Thank you for Help

Have a Nice day
Phản hồi
alexgrover Sebastian_Castellanos
@Sebastian_Castellanos, I checked and signals are no longer avaibles, check the indicator here or if you cant afford monarch buy/location.

Phản hồi
@alexgrover, I am Trying to get along with your Auto Filter Indicator . It looks some kind of Darvis Box Type Technique. That Line is good when Price is Just Consolidating. Check Up EURUSD 1 HR time FRame . It saved me from going into opposite direction.
I will check the Monarch Filter after completing Monitoring Auto Filter .

Phản hồi
@alexgrover, Yes this is the same link that i found of Monarch Indicator will look into it . No Hurry for Selection
Phản hồi