In this script, I tried to fit deep learning series to 1 command system up to the maximum point.
After selecting the ticker, select the instrument from the menu and the system will automatically turn on the appropriate ann system.
Listed instruments with alternative tickers and error rates:

WTI : West Texas Intermediate (WTICOUSD , USOIL , CL1! ) Average error : 0.007593
BRENT : Brent Crude Oil ( BCOUSD , UKOIL , BB1! ) Average error : 0.006591
GOLD : XAUUSD , GOLD , GC1! Average error : 0.012767
SP500 : S&P 500 Index ( SPX500USD , SP1! ) Average error : 0.011650
EURUSD : Eurodollar ( EURUSD , 6E1! , FCEU1!) Average error : 0.005500
ETHUSD : Ethereum ( ETHUSD , ETHUSDT ) Average error : 0.009378
BTCUSD : Bitcoin ( BTCUSD , BTCUSDT , XBTUSD , BTC1! ) Average error : 0.01050
GBPUSD : British Pound ( GBPUSD , 6B1! , GBP1!) Average error : 0.009999
USDJPY : US Dollar / Japanese Yen ( USDJPY , FCUY1!) Average error : 0.009198
USDCHF : US Dollar / Swiss Franc ( USDCHF , FCUF1! ) Average error : 0.009999
USDCAD : Us Dollar / Canadian Dollar ( USDCAD ) Average error : 0.012162
SOYBNUSD : Soybean ( SOYBNUSD , ZS1! ) Average error : 0.010000
CORNUSD : Corn ( ZC1! ) Average error : 0.007574
NATGASUSD : Natural Gas ( NATGASUSD , NG1! ) Average error : 0.010000
SUGARUSD : Sugar ( SUGARUSD , SB1! ) Average error : 0.011081
WHEATUSD : Wheat ( WHEATUSD , ZW1! ) Average error : 0.009980
XPTUSD : Platinum ( XPTUSD , PL1! ) Average error : 0.009964
XU030 : Borsa Istanbul 30 Futures ( XU030 , XU030D1! ) Average error : 0.010727
VIX : S & P 500 Volatility Index (VX1! , VIX ) Average error : 0.009999
YM : E - Mini Dow Futures ( YM1! ) Average error : 0.010819
ES : S&P 500 E-Mini Futures ( ES1! ) Average error : 0.010709
GAZP : Gazprom Futures ( GAZP , GZ1! ) Average error : 0.008442
SSE : Shangai Stock Exchange Composite (Index ) ( 000001 ) Average error : 0.011287
XRPUSD : Ripple (XRPUSD , XRPUSDT ) Average error : 0.009803

Note 1 : Australian Dollar ( AUDUSD , AUD1! , FCAU1! ) : Instrument has been removed because it has an average error rate of over 0.13.
The average error rate is 0.1850.
I didn't delete it from the menu just because there was so much request,
You can use.

Note 2 : Friends have too many requests, it took me a week in total and 1 other script that I'll share in 2 days.
Reaching these error rates is a very difficult task, and when I keep at a low learning rate, they are trained for a very long time.
If I don't see the error rate at an average low, I increase the layers and go back into a longer process.
It takes me 45 minutes per instrument to command artificial neural networks, so I'll release one more open source, and then we'll be laying 70-80 percent of the world trade volume with artificial neural networks.

Note 3 :
I would like to thank wroclai for helping me with this script.
This script is subject to MIT License on behalf of both of us.
You can review my original idea scripts from my Github page.
You can use it free but if you are going to modify it, just quote this script .
I hope it will help everyone, after 1-2 days I will share another ann script that I think is of the same importance as this, stay tuned.
Regards , Noldo .

Nov 02
Phát hành các Ghi chú: License info added .
Typo : Australian Dollar's average error is 0.01850 , not 0.1850 .
But over average error , so use Australian Dollar preference carefully.
Gỡ bỏ khỏi Script Ưa thích Thêm vào Script Ưa thích
the reason I chose the menu manually after selecting the instrument was that the system did not remove it due to excessive calculations,
otherwise I would have done it automatically.
Phản hồi
looks cool but i honestly dont know how to use it. can we use any time-frame?
+1 Phản hồi
@mktah, hi, after selecting the instrument you select the same instrument from the menu, the system automatically adjusts itself, after that:
red histograms represent the bear market, green histograms represent the bull market.
Phản hồi
@Noldo, does timeframe matter for each instrument? Many thanks man :)
Phản hồi
I generally don't give much credit to a period of less than 1 week, where most are trained on 4-hour and 1-day bars.
So I suggest you look at it weekly, 1D, but the most recommended are 1 week bars for my opinion.
Phản hồi
@mktah, your welcome !
Phản hồi
@Noldo, awesome.... will try it out and see what happens. thanks again :)
Phản hồi
great work:)
+2 Phản hồi
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