Reverse Stochastic

This indicator will calculate the Closing Price which is theoretically required in the current session to reach Oversold/Overbought conditions on the Stochastics Indicator.
The chart is showing the distance of the current price from the required closing price.
Settings ( Stochastic settings & OB/OS Limits) can be customized

This indicator can be used in combination with my Stochastic / EMA Strategy as there the Position closing is based on Stochastic crossing OB/OS levels.
Therefore this indicator can give insight which price level will trigger a closing of the position.

Link to strategy:

As always, I am happy to get constructive feedback.


PS. If anyone has an idea how I could extend this logic to also show the target closing price for a "K-Line/D-Line Cross", then let me know ;-)
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Major Update:
With the first version of the indicator it was only possible to display the price delta for K-line to get into the Oversold/Overbought zones.

("How much would the price need to move in the current session so that the indicator gets into the Oversold/Overbought zones?")

In the new version, two additional conditions can be shown:
- Price delta for D-line (SMA of K) to get into the Oversold/Overbought zones
- Price delta to the next K-line/D-line cross

Labels can be shown/hidden for the three different scenarios.

Enjoy - and let me know your constructive feedback.

Phát hành các Ghi chú: No more available
Phát hành các Ghi chú: update
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Bình luận

I don't understand. This indicator seems to simply plot the MA 200.
Phản hồi
wugamlo scramantha
@scramantha, Sorry, I had to remove the indicator as there were complaints in the community that it was copying the idea of someone else. As I cannot completely remove it from Tradingview, I had to change the code.
Phản hồi
scramantha wugamlo
@wugamlo, Damn, it was good. I assume you're referring to balipour's reverse stochs, but he hasn't released them publicly yet. Unless you copied his code, I don't see a problem, but it's your call.
Phản hồi
Are you able to print the forecasted cross up/cross down price on the chart for ease of use? Really cool man but that would make it so much more helpful to use as part of other analysis tools. Also is there any easy way to add alerts when crosses happen?
Phản hồi
That was fast:-) really awesome! I was trying to figure it out myself....
Phản hồi
wugamlo FerryHendriks
@FerryHendriks, Took my a while to figure out the formula - especially with a significant hangover this morning. Just FYI, I just released a separate indicator just for the Reverse K/D Cross calculation. This new one can be overlayed on the price chart. Just check in my profile. Enjoy.
Phản hồi
Awesome indicator! And as you suggested, I’m really curious what the price difference between the K and D cross would be:-)
Phản hồi
wugamlo FerryHendriks
@FerryHendriks, thanks. I have a new version which calculated the price difference of the D-line to the overbought/oversold area. But I did not yet manage to calculate the distance to the crosss.....
Maths was not my strength in school.....
Phản hồi
wugamlo FerryHendriks
@FerryHendriks, I just released a new version. Now its possible to show the price distance to the next K and D cross. Enjoy.
Phản hồi
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