neural network trend prediction oscillator with thresholds and weights for vwap , rsi , stoch , and multiple ema . redraws!
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Thank you very much for this script. I just want to convert this to Version 4. But this 2 lines showing errors.

134. sbuy = val > tpos ? 1 : val < tneg ? 0 : sbuy
140. signal = sbuy ? ((tpos + 0.0001) > val ? (tpos + 0.0001) : val) : ((tneg - 0.0001) < val ? tneg - 0.0001 : val)

Can you please help.
Thank you.
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get() =>
yesterday=security(tickerid, 'D', close)
today=security(tickerid, 'D', close)

You are reading the close for the day then adjusting your neural multipliers, then applying the strategy on hour chart. Its like knowing the winning numbers before playing the lottery.
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Is there any reason this is written in Pine v2 instead of v3? Is there anything that cant be done, using v3?
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Looks a lot like the ANN Strategy. Does it repaint?
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d0gb0y stock20
@stock20, just use 'once per close' on your alerts, and go to a higher timeframe, and then don't worry about the repaint.
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i think the 1h works pretty well, anything far off from that probably won't have good signals
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