BossHouse - Price Change

BossHouse - Price Change

What it is:
In the stock market, a price change is the difference in trading prices from one period to the next or the difference between the daily opening and closing prices of a share of stock.
Here you have a timeline with a bar price change. In seconds you can see if the selected market has good and high price changes or not.
The values are in percentage and you have a limiter in the settings, so you can show only bar/values above a value. Ex. 2.4%.

Why it Matters:
Price changes are a core component of financial analysis, and predicting price changes can be as, if not more, important than an actual price change.
It is important to remember, however, that percent-based price changes are useful only in the context of the number of dollars involved.

A 75% change in the price of a company X, for example, may only involve a few dollars while a 75% change in the price of company Y may involve thousands of dollars.


  • Show the SMA 21 line
  • Minimum Limit - Set the minimum value to show a bar

For example, let's say Company XYZ shares opened at $25 this morning and closed at $24.

The price change is -$1, or -$1/$25 = -4%.

Any help and suggestions will be appreciated.
Marcos Issler @ Isslerman
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