Fellow Traders! This indicator is one my private library that I have coded and using at Meta Trader but I wanted to code here and share with those who has timing issues. This indicator can be used with any Oscillator including RSI for timing trades.. As you can see Breaking Band ;) lol has like the other bands has median line upper band and lower band but if you look carefully those bands are thinner than expected... When a close price or any Moving average of your choice as a trigger cross the band.. this hints a Trend Start... Median line is not there just to be at the center.. Its very powerful Special MA carries HiLo and Market sentiments and Volatility .. if a price below that line Market is Bearish or if price above Median Line Market has Bullish sentiments. 1.13 is a Fibonacci Failure Level and break above or below that line is a success generally.. You can Set Rules and follow them.. with this indicator.. Anyways I hope this helps someone out there.. Good Luck :)

PS: I will try to code a strategy for this one too if I can have some free time...
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Thank You OxoScanner
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@FCUK-U Thanks for the effort . Can you please explain the 1.13 fib level..I didnt get it . Regards !
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