WaveTrend with Pump Candle Rejection [Reuter]

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This is my first script, a strategy I tested on the ADABTC pair, 30m Time Frame.

To made this strat I used the Wave Trend Oscillator from LazyBear and some calculations to measure the confirmation candle and the previous candle.

The idea for this strat is to enter the market on a lower level through the wt1-wt2, catching a possible bounce back. For us to not get so much in trouble, I made a candle meter, so we don`t enter on a pumped candle.
It`s a simple script, you can apply to other pair and markets, but you need to play around with the settings to match the best conditions. Still have to see if I can minimize the bear market buys with other indicator.

If you liked my idea and it helped you give this strat a like!

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