BEST Risk to Reward Utility

Hello Traders

This is a proof of concept and a cool pinescript utility

It displays a risk to reward division as a fractional value.

For example

Risk: 300
Reward: 600

This will be displayed as 1/2 as we can earn 2 units for a potential loss of 1 unit
(600/300 = 2) for those wondering the NASA level mathematics behind :)

Best regards
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Bình luận

hello @Daveatt
how would i do this for both Long and Shorts would i just change all the + to - and - to + ???
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Daveatt TradeBuddy2019
@TradeBuddy2019, it's already doing it for both Longs and Shorts
it's based on user inputs at the very top of the script

rational_SL = input(300, title="Stop Loss Distance", type=input.float)
rational_TP = input(600, title="Take Profit Distance", type=input.float)
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V. Interesting !
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Daveatt syrinxflunki
@syrinxflunki, thank you sir avatar of a volleyball from a famous Tom Hanks movie :)
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