Binary Option Turbo M1 by Mercalona

Auto risk
You are diving into a high-risk investment. We are not responsible for losses, the only certainty is that they will come, the most important thing is to manage them. Test this script on a demo account, and use the backtest. Make sure you are familiar with it before using real money. Use all your experience and other assistance for better accuracy. Do not risk more than 5% per day. Try to use a maximum of 1-2%.

  • It is highly recommended whenever trying to make entries in stronger areas
  • Try to make entries when the graph is in trend and with good movements. It is better to lose an entry than to lose money.
  • Check if the chart is already with good accuracy before making your entry. At least 65%.
  • Try to make entries when the payout is above 75%. This will help you with risk / return.

About the Script
This script was developed to identify good entry areas quickly and safely. We recommend using in binary option, where the next candle is successful. Although it can also be used in other markets, using a larger timeframe, such as 1h or 4h.

How it works?
This script is based on trends, up and down, where up trend, we look for "CAL" entries in retractions, and down trends, the entries will be "PUT". Always operate in favor of the trend for better accuracy. A session filter is also displayed. The Filter is based on the New York and London session. In these periods there is a greater market volatility , where it is recommended to operate and avoid losses. In addition, there is also a (no trend) filter. Where it shows whether the chart is volatile or not, even during open market sessions.

What is the final result?
This script will show good entries areas. These areas are represented with lines. The lines closest to the current price are thinner lines. And the lines far from price are thicker. The thick lines represent stronger areas and are resistant to price. This means that there is a greater possibility of reversal when prices touch these lines.

Settings (mode)
There are 2 configuration modes:

Using the "MODERATELY" mode, the signals are rarer, here we expect the price to hit the best areas indicated. To place the entry. Here we expect greater accuracy.

In "AGGRESSIVE" mode, we don't expect good entries. Whenever the price hits entry areas it will be considered an entry. In this case, the accuracy is less, since the areas do not have a great potential for reversion.

Settings (Length)
Here the number of bars can be configured for the calculation of support and resistance areas. A low amount may not be enough to check for good areas. And a very large area can be confused with areas that really matter. Try to check the best quantity for the chart you want to trade.

Settings (Win Rate Limit)
Place the limit of analyzed signals in this field. It is restricted to the “Win ​​Rate Max Bars” field, which will be explained below. If the configured limit is not reached, the cause is that there were not enough signals within the configured bar limit. ATTENTION: Understand that a high value will cause a slow calculation of the script.

Settings (Win Rate Max Bars)
This is information is used to limit the number of bars in the “Win ​​Rate” calculation. ATTENTION: Understand that a high value will cause a slow calculation of the script.

Settings (Sessions)
There are 2 other configurations. New York session and London session. You can see how it works reading below.

Indicator “Stars of Recommendation”
The indicator has 3 stars of recommendation.
  • NO TRADE (There is no positive point to take chances)
  • In Session (At least 1 open market, this is a positive point to take chances)
  • In Trend (There is a good probability of assertiveness when it is on trend)
  • More than one identified area. (Generally, when there is more than one area, the more distant areas become stronger and stronger. This is a positive point when the price reaches them.)

Good luck ❤️
Please feedback us.
We hope this helps you!
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Bình luận

@Mercalona , Hello,
it's really nice script.
can you please tell me what is the based reason or calculation for those line?
Phản hồi
already managed to improve the alert in your script?
Phản hồi
Mercalona alessandrocenedese1
@alessandrocenedese1, hello.
We will deploy soon a new script. I will send you.
Phản hồi
Mercalona alessandrocenedese1
@alessandrocenedese1, We couldnt improve it. The script cant know the best line price. You must pay attention to it and make your entries.
Phản hồi