Moving Average Stop and Reverse (MASAR) [cI8DH]

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This indicator is an alternative to Parabolic Stop and Reverse indicator. It is primarily used to identify points of potential stops and reverses.

Instead of using a static parabolic curve, this indicator adjusts dynamically based on the changes in moving average of the price. Read here to learn more about the usage of this indicator.

I tested the strategy version of this indicator on Bitstamp:BTCUSD and compared the results to the Parabolic SAR . I changed the settings on both indicators to achieve the best results on each indicator. This indicator outperformed the Parabolic SAR by a large margin.

You need to calibrate the indicator depending on the asset and time frame. It works best in trending markets.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: added exponential MA type
Phát hành các Ghi chú: - changed the line type to solid line
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thanks a lot! any recommended settings to make this work on bitmex's xbt and eth?
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Cool that you have already messed with this! I think this concept mixed with layered exponential smoothening and the right filtering techniques could be extraordinarily powerful
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@mcbw_, it is indeed a powerful idea. Version 2 is also out. Here is a MASAR and UMACD combined strategy results.
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@cI8DH, Good god that is insane :) have you published this/could I have access to this? Would love to see it on some exotic forex pairs
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@mcbw_, not published yet. might publish it in a month or so.
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Anyone who was fortunate enough to click into this page, the OP is unbelievably intelligent and adaptive to trading. cL8DH is the man with a plan....very profitable plan.
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cI8DH ThankUKind
ThankU @ThankUKind, love you homie <3
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Thank you bro
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cI8DH Heroturk
@Heroturk, your welcome :)
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It looks amazing on the 6H time frame, any recommendation on the 4H and 1D frame? Cheers.
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