Trentrader 1.0

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Hello folks,
I have adapted my last script ( OCC Strategy) by adding some proprietary indicators to it. The result is a profit factor 10x better, this is ,without a doubt, one of the best indicators in tradingview.

You may use this indicator and apply it to your chart, however you will not be able to see its code. If i receive enough donations, i will make it open source.

BTC Donation address: 124sayjLdqkhithd2zUURVueFExpTgBM3y

If it's not open source yet, contact me if you want it's code. Maybe we can work something out.

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Just a heads up to people who is impressed by the performance, the backtest result is skewed by peeking into the future (the main trick is set lookahead=barmerge.lookahead). If you want see the real world performance, you need uncheck "Alternate Resolution"
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I'd like to call out the bull shit of this indicator ... nice try, this does not work ... backtesting is flawed, it will give you an indication to buy or sell after the candle has already made it move creating fake historical data... moving forward, indicator works fine... but good luck getting those gains!
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are there any plans to add alerts?
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Thank you for sharing. may I ask about repaint?
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Starlord tiamo3733
@tiamo3733, It does. It's a nice program but it does repaint since it uses the Alternate Resolution.
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