Linear Regression Channel

Hello Traders,

There are several nice Linear Regression Channel scripts in the Public Library. and I tried to make one with some extra features too. This one can check if the Price breaks the channel and it shows where is was broken. Also it checks the momentum of the channel and shows it's increasing/decreasing/equal in a label, shape of the label also changes. The line colors change according to direction.

using the options, you can;
- Set the Source (Close, HL2 etc)
- Set the Channel length
- Set Deviation
- Change Up/Down Line colors
- Show/hide broken channels
- Change line width

meaning of arrows:
⇑ : Uptrend and moment incresing
⇗ : Uptrend and moment decreasing
⇓ : Downtrend and moment incresing
⇘ : Downtrend and moment decreasing
⇒ : No trend

An example for how color of lines, arrow direction and shape of label change.

Phát hành các Ghi chú: Added an option "Show Fibonacci Levels", it can show Fibonacci levels of the channel. and also added alert (before someone asked me to add alert :)

Example: Fibonacci Levels
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Bình luận

500 xu
+6 Phản hồi
@PineCoders, Thank you!
+5 Phản hồi
This is awesome, could you explain the blue dotted line indicators. Thanks!
+15 Phản hồi
AMae smitty1084
@smitty1084, i was going to ask the same thing, but then i saw if i used the TV tools on the left and put a reg channel from the beginning of the dotted line to the end, it lined up perfectly all the way until it broke the channel. so im guessing from that, ts basically past linear reg channels so u can c where past channels broke and where at. hopefully if im wrong @LonesomeTheBlue will correct me lol :)
Phản hồi
Someone asked me, “Who hurt you?” I replied, ‘My own Expectations”
You are amazing……. @LonesomeTheBlue
+9 Phản hồi
This publication is now featured in our Editors' Picks: https://www.tradingview.com/scripts/editors-picks/ .
In the name of all TradingView traders, thank you for your valuable contribution to the TradingView community, and congrats!
+7 Phản hồi
@PineCoders, Thank you!
+1 Phản hồi
a dream ... great work!
+3 Phản hồi
Hello , looks wonderful , but what are the blue lines for ? Are they for plotting patterns ?
+3 Phản hồi
KingPogi manojm4
@manojm4, i was going to ask that too. i think can be used for future reference as support or resistance, kinda like gann fan angles. i tried to plot trend lines extended to the right in the previous broken channel lines, somehow they make a connection. i associated it with macd 4H, the bounces off those lines with macd crossing works well. @LonesomeTheBlue correct me if im wrong. :) Thanx for this by the way. great job
+1 Phản hồi
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