3/9/27/9 Zero Lag EMA / EMA / Pivots / Dynamic Support

My most useful indicator yet. This is a combo 9/27 zero lag EMA/EMA with a trailing 3/9 and close/9 indicator with dynamic pivots and levels and a 9-candle-count candle painter. Clearly identifies possible entry and exits as well as points of decision identifying possible partial buy/sell points.
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// @author lonestar108
study(title = "3/9/27/9 Zero Lag EMA / EMA / Pivots / Dynamic Support", shorttitle="3/9/27/9 ZLEMA/EMA/Pivots/Support", overlay=true)

lengths=input(3, title="Short Period Length")
length=input(9, title="Fast Period Length")
length2=input(27, title="Slow Period Length")
plen=input(9, minval=1, title="Pivot Period Length")

// ema, zero lag ema
ema1=ema(src, length)
ema2=ema(ema1, length)
ema3=ema(src, length2)

// ema, zero lag ema
ema4=ema(src, length)
ema5=ema(ema4, length)
ema6=ema(src, length2)

// pivot points
highest_high = highest(high, plen)
highest_dev = dev(highest_high, plen) ? na : highest_high
high_pivot = highest_dev[-plen+1]
high_series = fixnan(high_pivot)
lowest_low = lowest(low, plen)
lowest_dev = dev(lowest_low, plen) ? na : lowest_low
low_pivot = lowest_dev[-plen + 1]
low_series = fixnan(low_pivot)

// Sell Setup 
priceflip = barssince(close<close[4])
sellsetup = close>close[4] and priceflip
sell = sellsetup and barssince(priceflip!=9)
sell8 = sellsetup and barssince(priceflip!=8)
sellovershoot = sellsetup and barssince(priceflip!=13)
sellovershoot1 = sellsetup and barssince(priceflip!=14)
sellovershoot2 = sellsetup and barssince(priceflip!=15)
sellovershoot3 = sellsetup and barssince(priceflip!=16)

// Buy setup
priceflip1 = barssince(close>close[4])
buysetup = close<close[4] and priceflip1
buy = buysetup and barssince(priceflip1!=9)
buy8 = buysetup and barssince(priceflip1!=8)
buyovershoot = barssince(priceflip1!=13) and buysetup
buyovershoot1 = barssince(priceflip1!=14) and buysetup
buyovershoot2 = barssince(priceflip1!=15) and buysetup
buyovershoot3 = barssince(priceflip1!=16) and buysetup

// TD lines
val= buy !=sell[9]
TDhigh = valuewhen(val,high[9],0)
val1= sell !=buy[9]
TDlow = valuewhen(val1,low[9],0)


icolor=rising(zlema,1) ? lime : red

plot(zlema, color=yellow, linewidth=1)
plot(ema3, color=lime, linewidth=1)

plot(high_series, style=circles, color=lime, linewidth=1)
plot(low_series, style=circles, color=red, linewidth=1)

plot(high_pivot + 1, color=red, style=circles, linewidth=3)
plot(low_pivot - 1, color=lime, style=circles, linewidth=3)

plot(cross(zlema, ema3) ? rising(zlema,1) ? low - 1 : high + 1 : na, color=icolor, style=cross, linewidth=2)
plot(cross(zlema2, ema3) ? rising(zlema2,1) ? low - 1.25 : high + 1.25 : na, color=yellow, style=circles, linewidth=2)
plot(cross(zlema2, ema6) ? rising(zlema2,1) ? low - 1.35 : high + 1.35 : na, color=orange, style=circles, linewidth=2)
plot(cross(close, ema3) ? rising(zlema,1) ? low - 1.15 : high + 1.15 : na, color=fuchsia, style=circles, linewidth=2)


plot(TDhigh ? TDhigh : na ,style=circles, linewidth=1, color=lime,offset=-9)
plot(TDlow ? TDlow : na ,style=circles, linewidth=1, color=red, offset=-9)

barcolor(sellovershoot? #FF66A3 : sellovershoot1? #FF3385 : sellovershoot2? #FF0066 : sellovershoot3? #CC0052 : buyovershoot? #D6FF5C : buyovershoot1? #D1FF47 : buyovershoot2? #B8E62E : buyovershoot3? #8FB224 : na)

// Uncode for line chart with indicators //
c = sell? #FF0000 : buy? #00FF00 : sellovershoot? #FF66A3 : sellovershoot1? #FF3385 : sellovershoot2? #FF0066 : sellovershoot3? #CC0052 : buyovershoot? #D6FF5C : buyovershoot1? #D1FF47 : buyovershoot2? #B8E62E : buyovershoot3? #8FB224 : #c0c0c0
plot(close, color=c, linewidth=1)
Does not load
'lengths' the fast input 3 is only used as an input and nowhere repeats in the script.
Why have an input that isnt used?
Phản hồi
Default values - comes up with error - index cant be negative value -8
Phản hồi
Is there somewhere you could direct me to as for instructions on the strategy? I'm not clear on the different colors, like the yellow and also the dots.
+2 Phản hồi
For those who still get the error:
Phản hồi
@kobaltttt, thank you for your fix. I'm looking for some info on how to use this strategy.. (as a slight newbie)
Phản hồi
Joeanucha kobaltttt
@kobaltttt, thanks so much!
Phản hồi
kobaltttt Joeanucha
@Joeanucha, Guys I think this falls in the experimental, but very cool category..
Afaik there's no textbook guide, or method to this.. Or is there @lonestar108?

Other than than that it created pivots unlike regular S/R zones or Fib.. But they still be important and to be respected levels, I personally haven't had much time diving in this I use Fib retracements and manual horizontal lines to plot current Trade Zones and love how they when you look back in time perfectly are on a lot of wicktaps.. Most likely due to the biggest players creating these S/R walls here and it's geniusly Machiavellian, when you see these absorption distribution zones, used again and again from start to finish well guess who ends up with the coin?? This is so well balanced it still 'essentially beat most traders at what they THINK are good at..

Pardon my cynicism btw but the topic is in my head now lol it for the most part isn't human anymore.......These are quant algos that really fuck the market when they think it will have the right desired effect on you and if it suits the road map they have planned, these buy zell TZ's mean very VERY little when they have the capacity to flop your box and say hey sucker this isn't bottom of the zone start selling.. TY good boy....

The scary thing is we are getting to an unused perfect 1:1 trade ratio channel formed when BTC what rising very quick..

I will post this TA idea when i have the time it has multiple slides...
+1 Phản hồi
kobaltttt kobaltttt
@kobaltttt, Oh you can change the colors , they afaik also have no meaning other than any useful pattern your brain recognises and to give you perhaps an unusual style which might be good..
+1 Phản hồi
3/9/27/9 Zero Lag EMA / EMA / Pivots / Dynamic Suppor
I liked the concept !!!
Thank you!!!
The problem is that it does not work! (Writes: Index should not be negative! (-8)
Help fix it !!!!! you are welcome!!!
+2 Phản hồi
@knnbbfx, see above fixed
Phản hồi
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