I'm proud to announce the release of my indicator, “NOMO-FOMO”

With a unique approach to its algorithm and nearly a year of development and fine-tuning, NOMO-FOMO was designed to produce high-probability setups with minimal drawdowns. This means it's perfect for utilizing leverage. It knows when to flip long or short, and it knows when to close your position and wait. No more fomo, hence the name.

As of 1/12/2019,
Average Profit (with no leverage): +16.75%
Average Profit (with recommended leverage 16x): +268%
Average Drawdown: -3.08%
Success rate: 81%

Bitcoin Hodl 2017-2018 results: -84.5%
NOMO-FOMO 2017-2018 results: +379,536%

Bitcoin Hodl 2018-2019 results: +132%
NOMO- FOMO 2018-2019 results: +32,116%

See Discord for more detailed trade results.

Signals are generated at the close of each day, which means it's perfect for traders who want to keep their day job instead of staring at charts all day. Any questions regarding the indicator or how to trade it can be answered in the Discord channel in my signature.

● Alerts with exact Entry/Exit prices shown. Get alerts on your phone
● Proprietary 'Buy Bands' which would've shown you exactly when to buy the move from $6,000 to $12,000 in February 2018 (NOMO-FOMO caught it from $6,118 to $11,220), as well as the bottom at $3200 in December 2018 (caught it at $3,291)
● Optional colored Zones to let you know when Bitcoin is becoming increasingly bullish or bearish
● Includes common indicators such as Bollinger Bands and Ichimoku Cloud to free up indicator slots for your TradingView chart

A one-time purchase of 0.03btc includes:
● Unlimited access to the NOMO-FOMO indicator on TradingView within 24 hours
● Access to member channels on Discord
● All updates and improvements
● Discounts to future paid products & services

DM me here on TradingView or at the Discord link in my signature for more info.

Future improvements:
4-hour strategy
Automated trading
Fine-tuning the algorithm
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Author of the NOMO-FOMO bitcoin indicator.
DM me here or on Discord for access.
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