Alpha & Beta

Alpha & Beta Indicators for Portfolio Performance

β = Σ Correlation ( RP , RM ) * (σP/σM)

α P = E( RP ) – [RF + βP(E( RM ) – RF )]

RP = Portfolio Return (or Investment Return)
RM = Market Return (or Benchmark Index)
RF = Risk-Free Rate

How to use the Indicator

RM = SPX (Default)
The Market Return for the indicator has the options of $SPX , $NDX, or $DJI ( S&P 500 , Nasdaq 100, Dow 30)

The Risk-Free Rate in the Indicator is set to the 3-Month Treasury Bill: Secondary Market Rate

The Default Timeframe is 1260 or 5-Years (252 Trading Days in One Year)

RP = The symbol you enter
HOWEVER, you can determine your portfolio value by following the following directions below.

Note: I am currently working on an indicator that will allow you to insert the weights of your positions.

Complete Portfolio Analysis Directions

You will first need...
a) spreadsheet application - Google Sheets is Free, but Microsoft Excel will convert ticker symbols to Stocks and Retrieve Data.
b) your current stock tickers, quantity of shares, and last price information

In the spreadsheet,
In the first column list the stock tickers...

In the second column list the quantity of shares you own...

In the third column insert the last price
Excel: Three tickers will automatically give you the option to "Convert to Stocks",
after conversion, click once on cell and click the small tab in the upper right-hand of the highlighted cell.
Click the tab and a menu pops up
Find "Price", "Price Extended-Hours", or "Previous Close"...

Next, multiply the number of shares by the price (Stock Market Value)
Excel: in fourth column type "=(B1*C1)", "=(B2*C2)", "=(B3*C3)"...
= $16,423.60
= $4,974.80
= $410.00

add the three calculated numbers together or click "ΣAutoSum" (Portfolio Market Value)
= $21,808. 40

Last, divide the market value of AMZN ($16,423.60) by the Portfolio Market Value ($21,808. 40 ) for each of the stocks.
= 0.7531
= 0.2281
= 0.0188
These values are the weight of the stock in your portfolio.

Go back to TradingView

Enter into the "search box" the following...

AMZN*0.7531 + AAPL*0.2281 + TSLA*0.0188

and click Enter

Now you can use the "Alpha & Beta" Indicator to analyze your entire portfolio!
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Update: hline(0.0) and hline(-0.5).
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Correction in Beta.
Alpha is now expressed in a percentage.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: alpha = jensen's measure (expected portfolio return or 'ex-ante'

added DGS2, DGS5, DGS10, DGS30 risk-free rates
Phát hành các Ghi chú: //ticker change for reference
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