Multiple timeframe Hull moving averages. 1 Hull period, 3 timeframes.
With Info Panel
This strategy is for any pair but the settings are tuned for DOGEUSDT
It is 3 Hull moving averages crossovers.
The first HMA is taken from the timeframe of the chart.
The second and third HMA's have a setting for TIMEFRAME.

For example the user can have the chart on 15m, 2nd HMA on 60m(1H), 3rd HMA on 240m(1H)
A info panel is on chart with the signal from each timeframe.
The binance (where DOGEUSDT can be traded) commission fee of 0.1% is added to the results.
Adjust the commission fee to suit your broker and pair.

Tuned for trading cryptocurrency Elon Musk has constantly been backing – dogecoin .
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MT4 how can I find you?
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SeaSide420 ddddd66666
@ddddd66666, Private message? if i put that link here, a bunch of Trolls will come out from under the bridge, and wave their fists, and run in a circle, with their fists down at waist level, near each others..... till eventually they are touching and the circle completes, tightens and morphs into a troll centipede
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@SeaSide420, I don't know what's going on now I can't send letters privately. What honor value is needed. Very bad.
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dxf202169 SeaSide420
You can send me a private message and I'll leave you a message in the comments section.
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ddddd66666 SeaSide420
@SeaSide420, Can you give me an open source script for m&hv420? Now you can only send it to me privately. I can't send it to you. This may be an accident. Thank you very much. Or you can write Python directly for me. After I experience it, give me the money.
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Look forward to your reply
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I'm very interested in your script
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Do you have a WeChat account?
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Amazing script! Mew to tradingview. Just want to ask. If we set the Source of price to "hlc3" will it be subjected to repainting?
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hi! do you have a study version with alerts?
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