Wave Trend Strategy [LazyBear] & Squeeze

This strategy is a port of famous script Wave Trend Oscillator with a plus: squeeze indicator (LazyBear).
@author LazyBear
Original study from LazyBear

Scope of this port is to identify corrects inputs to get best results from signals that indicator gives.
The squeeze gives a further filter before orders and avoid to enter in a flat market period.

I attached it to chart with heikin ashi candles to have a better result and remove noise: results are good.

Please use comment section for any feedback.
Next improvement (only to whom is interested to this script and follows me): study with alerts on multiple tickers all at one. Leave a comment if you want to have access to study.

********************************** IMPORTANT*******************************
I have developed an expert advisor for metatrader4 (MT4): results of expert advisor form 2015-01-01 to 2018-11-25 are very good with low drawdown and good profit.
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Hi, may I have access to the script please?
+5 Phản hồi
The results on regular candles (real trading) are negative Es Futures 100k 1 contract 1h chart
+1 Phản hồi
Can you add alerts to the High and the Low? of the WAVE.
Phản hồi
No signals are visible...
Phản hồi
Dear Freeman, can i have access to script? i want to try some improvements on it

Phản hồi
hey can you share code need to add alerts and some changes to run it for asian markets.
Phản hồi
adineamine techtrader29
@techtrader29, the results aren't good so far
Phản hồi
Can you share please?
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