Altcoin Bullphase

"Altcoin Bullphase" is an indicator to check if altcoins are currently in a bullphase/altseason.
The indicator is checking if Bitcoin is above or below a certain type of Moving Average and paints the color of the candles on the chart and tradingpair of your choice either green or gray for above or below the Moving Average.
NOTE: You have to disable the border color of the candles or use grayscale to get the look from the preview.

Default setting is 20 week moving average as it has the best history of calling an altcoin season.
Altcoins generally do really well when Bitcoin is above the 20 week moving average and don't do well when it falls below.

This indicator makes it easy to compare the performance of altcoins in these different phases and helps deciding on the future trend of a coin.
This script works for any altcoin, currency or stocks. Even Oil if you like to do that.

You can choose the type of MA between SMA , SMMA , EMA , WMA and VWMA .
You can set a static timeframe from 4h, 1D, 3D and 1W.
You can set any MA from 20 to 200.
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