test - benfords law

testing benfords law,

Phát hành các Ghi chú: just a final update.
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Hi, whats are you trying to test exactly ? The probability of it touching certain numbers ?
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RicardoSantos Minimal_Est
@Minimal_Est, not doing any testing at the moment, just going through a request that intrigued me, published for review :)

currently just getting the 1st digit of a series of values (rng, random numbers right now) and displaying its rate of occurrence.
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Minimal_Est RicardoSantos
@RicardoSantos, great idea, its more of a law of nature than fibonacci at one point. its used for fraud detection for example.
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RicardoSantos Minimal_Est
@Minimal_Est, user was looking for cycle frequency of a series, so benfords was the wrong tool for the purpose, redirected to:
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