Multiple %% profit exits example

This example show how to make multiple take profits in percent.
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Are you able to update this to have the StopLoss move to break even once the first take profit level is hit?
I can't find any example of this anywhere.

Note, I trade on the 1hr chart, so the StopLoss needs to work intra-candle, because a lot of price movement can happen in 1 hour.
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cipher_phinx1988 citizentraderx
@citizentraderx, have you figured how to move to breakeven if the tp1 has been hit?
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This will be useful to many! Thx.
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This is useful for newbie like me. It would be great if you put comments on each code so that it will understandable for beginners.
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I noticed that for each exit statement, the qty_percentage applies to both the profit and loss (i.e "x1" profit would be 25% but also 25% if the stop loss was hit)

strategy.exit("x1", qty_percent = 25, profit = percentAsPoints(1), loss = lossPnt)

Is there a way to apply a different qty_percent for limit and stop. More specifically, can you always fix the stop to 100% of your position while changing the take profit percentage for different TP targets?
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adolgov AlkiZaganiaris
@AlkiZaganiaris, yes this is possible. But we need "make" strategy.exit through `strategy.order` command.
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myncrypto adolgov
@adolgov, Do you happen to have a fix or some example code that resolves the stop loss issue @AlkiZaganiaris is speaking of?
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AlkiZaganiaris AlkiZaganiaris
I think I may have answered my own question. On your last exit you dont set qty_percent which would automatically close off any remaining position.

strategy.exit("x4", profit = percentAsPoints(4), loss = lossPnt)
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adolgov AlkiZaganiaris
@AlkiZaganiaris, yes it is
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