Keltner bounce from border. No repaint. V2 (by Zelibobla)

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WARNING: despite of strategy doesn't use future data (not repaints) it doesn't consider broker`s commissions, which can be harmful for real life high frequency trading. Strategy will definitely fail on non-ordinary security behavior. But if new behavior will get stable, tuned params should make strategy profitable again.

This is the second version of this strategy
I've added emergency stop-loss ordering, parametrized trade size and enabled to switch strategy entry mode. Now it looks good on bigger timeframes such as 5min ( ES1! ) on screenshot. You are welcome to bring new ideas to enhance performance.
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strategy("Keltner bounce from border. No repaint. (by Zelibobla)", shorttitle="Keltner border bounce", overlay=true)

price = close

// build Keltner
keltnerLength = input(defval=200, minval=1, title="Keltner EMA Period Length")
keltnerATRLength = input(defval=200, minval=1, title="Keltner ATR Period Length (the same as EMA length in classic Keltner Channels)")
keltnerDeviation = input(defval=8, minval=1, maxval=15, title="Keltner band width (in ATRs)")
closeOnEMATouch = input(type=bool, defval=false, title="Close trade on EMA touch? (less drawdown, but less profit and higher commissions impact)")
enterOnBorderTouchFromInside = input(type=bool, defval=false, title="Enter on border touch from inside? (by default from outside, which is less risky but less profitable)")
SL = input(defval=50, minval=0, maxval=10000, title="Stop loss in ticks (leave zero to skip)")
EMA = sma(price, keltnerLength)
ATR = atr(keltnerATRLength)
top = EMA + ATR * keltnerDeviation
bottom = EMA - ATR * keltnerDeviation

buyEntry = crossover(price, bottom)
sellEntry = crossunder(price, top)
plot(EMA, color=aqua,title="EMA")
p1 = plot(top, color=silver,title="Keltner top")
p2 = plot(bottom, color=silver,title="Keltner bottom")
fill(p1, p2)

tradeSize = input(defval=1, minval=1, title="Trade size")

if ( enterOnBorderTouchFromInside and crossunder(price, bottom) )
    strategy.entry("BUY", strategy.long, qty=tradeSize, comment="BUY")
    if( crossover(price, bottom) )
        strategy.entry("BUY", strategy.long, qty=tradeSize, comment="BUY")

if( crossover(price,EMA) and closeOnEMATouch )

if( 0 != SL )
    strategy.exit("EXIT BUY", "BUY", qty=tradeSize, loss=SL)
    strategy.exit("EXIT SELL", "SELL", qty=tradeSize, loss=SL)
if( enterOnBorderTouchFromInside and crossover(price, bottom) )
    strategy.entry("SELL", strategy.long, qty=tradeSize, comment="SELL")
    if ( crossunder(price, top) )
        strategy.entry("SELL", strategy.short, qty=tradeSize, comment="SELL")
if( crossunder(price, EMA) and closeOnEMATouch )
Love the script, friend.

Have you tested performance on currencies?
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Interesting.... it does seem the channel is using an SMA instead of an EMA.... Do you have a copy or link to the trading rules of this?

Thanks! and Nice work!
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