Liquidation Levels

I got sick of calculating leverage all of the time, so I made this real time calculator. It is primarily for crypto derivatives.

It tracks and displays the liquidation price for 5 customisable leverage levels and plots them either historically and/or in real time, with labels beside each including the estimated price.

These calculations include maintenance margin and can be configured for linear futures (USDT) or non-linear futures . Never again make dumb mistakes that are obvious with a bit of maths.

To jazz it up, you can customise the colours, disable various labels, set different leverage multiples, and change the offsets and number of bars to plot in the past.

Alternatively, you can change the offset to 24 on an hourly chart and change show last bars to 0. By doing this, you can see which levels most often get liquidated. It is crude, I know, and there are better tools for tracking liquidation hunts. This is not an attempt to replace or compete with them.

Enjoy and trade safely.
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Hey thanks, added it to my fav indicators. Will give it a try for sure. Thx for the effort and sharing. You rock!
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Thanks for making this. Def going to experiment with it.
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