Pivot Points, by @juanmirocks

# Advantages over TV's indicator "Pivot Points Standard"
1. Show pivot lines for all history, which lets you gauge trading strategies throughout time
2. More sensible Default/Auto time frame; e.g. on intradays only and always the market values of yesterday's Day are used
3. The halves between the key levels are also shown, which it's useful for some trading strategies
4. Arguably out-of-the-box nicer interface

Pivot Points as an indicator is a traditional strategy to draw resistance and support levels. It's best suited for intraday trading: the pivot points and resulting key levels are calculated from yesterday's market values (H, L, C). More details in the script's source.

Pivot Points trading is suitable for any market, and best for intraday (e.g. 3 min).
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thanks too much, but can you make an option to show how many looks back because if you take a look on the chart it will be full of pivot lines, you can make it optional like TV's indicator "Pivot Points Standard"
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juanmirocks Mohamed3nan
@Mohamed3nan, thanks. This is already possibly. Just double click on the lines / configuration of the indicator, and you have the option to check-out/in which lines you want to show. Hope that helps.

Let me know otherwise if I didn't understand you properly.
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Mohamed3nan juanmirocks
@juanmirocks, No, I mean the pivot lines are drawn at all the chart, if you go look back the chart you will find the lines also drawn and you will not see any details,
i sugges option to show only the last 2 persiods
ex. if i choose Time frame = 1h, the lines will only drawn at last 2 hours
+1 Phản hồi
juanmirocks Mohamed3nan
@Mohamed3nan, got you -- I'll see what I can do :)
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