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No repaint ✅
No Heikin Ashi ✅
No leverage/shorting ✅
Practice Risk management ✅
High probability confirmation setups ✅
Calculated each candle safe entry/exit ✅
High risk/reward setups ✅
No overtrading/daytrading ✅
Not catching falling knife ✅
Follow the trend ✅
Trade with logic ✅
Trade without emotion ✅
Trade objectively for profit✅
Clear buy and sell signals✅

Humans vs algorithms

Require sleep and limited vision can't watch +20 different charts 24/7
Emotions FOMO euphoria at top and panic sell at bottom
Dream of moon/lambos and greed end up HODLing for -86% loss
Easily manipulated by shills and hype

Algos don't need to eat, sleep, no emotions, no fatigue

A trade ends in 1 of 4 ways:
1) Big profit
2) Small profit
3) Breakeven
4) Small loss

How the ElecBot algorithm trading system works?
This is designed as a trend analysis system. Takes high probability trades after bullish confirmation and rides the trend up. Will not buy the bottom trying to catch a falling knife or when bearish trend is still intact to avoid risk and drawdown. Stoplosses and trailing stoplosses are always set in place to minimize risk and always cut losses short or protect profit. This will not sell the top either since it follows the trend up which can last for days or months until the trend is broken or stopped out to reduce risk of a trend reversal, if the trend continues then it will re-enter the trend. This way we will catch the parabolic move up since we will not try to guess exactly where the top is and just follow the trend and recalculate each candle. During sideways movement before a breakout we may get false signals of potential trend reversal and stopped out, since the market can go either way the risk/reward is good so if we get stopped out it cuts losses short and avoid the massive dump if it breaks down, and if it breaks up we ride the bullish trend for massive profits. This is not a daytrading system or scalaper, this is a trend swing trading system in the higher timeframes. Trades may be held during long bullish trends for months which catches the bull run and profits, as well as no signals for months during bearish trends which preserves capital from -86% drawdowns. Some times the best trade is no trade, preserve your capital instead of daytrading 8 signals daily and losing -86% of capital during bearish trends so that when the bull market finally happens we will have our capital and catch it. Also, some trades may only be held for a week or two until the trend changes or a day or two if it's a bull trap and we exit quickly cutting our losses short or taking a small profit. This strategy is relatively low risk with high probability trades and low drawdown on the larger timeframe.
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