Envelop - Multi Type

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Envelop - Multi Type displays an upper envelope above a basis line and a lower envelope below the basis line. The basis line is a type of moving average, The envelopes are set a percentage away from the basis line.

A. Basis Line's Type
1. Gaussian Filter script by Alex Orekhov (everget)
2. SMA
3. EMA
5. WMA
8. Hull MA

B. Default Percent of Envelop
1. Resolution (Time frame) <= 5: percent = 0.382
2. Resolution (Time frame) <= 15: percent = 0.5
3. Resolution (Time frame) <= 30: percent = 0.618
4. Resolution (Time frame) <= 60 (1H): percent = 0.786
5. Resolution (Time frame) <= 240 (4H): percent = 1.0
6. Resolution (Time frame) <= 1440 (1D): percent = 1.618
7. Resolution (Time frame) >1D: percent = 2.618

C. Custom Percent of Envelop
Default Percent of Envelop auto disable when Custom Percent of Envelop > 0 and the envelopes are set by user defined percentage.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Update row67
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Update:
1. fill background
2. Add Standard Deviation Envelop & ATR Envelop
3. By default only Percent Envelop is open. Check/uncheck types of envelop to active them.
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Thanks for your guidance

Strategy for binaries?

Telegram or WhatsApp?
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inno14 Goldmehran
Thank you for your comment.

Q1: Strategy for binaries?
A1: when price run to the envelopes consider to open Call or Put order if you like counter trend stategy. If you like breake out strategy you can mark where the price touch the envelops and wait the price break out that point to open the trade. Pls see Trading View Wiki Envelop to more details of Envelop Strategy. Tks

Q2: Telegram or WhatsApp?
A2: No.
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Solid work sir, thank ye
Phản hồi
inno14 syrinxflunki
@syrinxflunki, Thank you for your comment.
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@inno14, really nice code, now add some sweet fill colours and another set of bands with a multiplier :D
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inno14 syrinxflunki
Q1: add some sweet fill colours
A1: yes, I will code it later, tks

Q2: and another set of bands with a multiplier
A2: you can adjust multiplier at option: Custom percent of Envelop
Phản hồi
@inno14, Only thinking out loud it's easy enough to add another set of bands, they do add insight :)
Phản hồi
inno14 syrinxflunki
@syrinxflunki, yes, i will code type of band (standard deviation, atr(period)) later. Tks
Phản hồi
inno14 syrinxflunki
Q: add some sweet fill colours and another set of bands with a multiplier?
A: pls update new version of script, tks
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