Ehlers AutoCorrelation Indicator [CC]

The AutoCorrelation Indicator was created by John Ehlers (Cycle Analytics pgs 94-98) and this can be viewed as both a momentum indicator and a trend indicator. This was his basis for several other indicators that he created which I will be publishing soon but essentially as this indicator goes up then the stock is in an uptrend and also has upward momentum. You will notice that this indicator starts to go down even during an uptrend showing that the underlying trend is going to have an upcoming reversal. He also warns that the halfway mark is a possible reversal point so keep an eye out for that.

Generally speaking a good signal is to enter a long position when the indicator is under the midline and is starting to go up (or when the line is green) and to exit the position when the indicator goes over the midline. I have included strong buy and sell signals in addition to normal ones so darker colors mean strong signals and lighter colors mean normal signals.

Let me know if there are any other indicators you would like me to publish!
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