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Hey! Why does the hull ma change from red to green back to red. What moving average crosses are they to have them switch colors? I am trying to code a bot that buys when the hullma is green and sells when the hullma is red, and was wondering which moving averages cause them to change colors. Thanks!
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Hello , All you need to do is to just copy my script that calculates the HMA without hving to worry about the math stuff . generally HMA is based on weighted MA . any way start copying from the second line n=input …… all the way down to n2 >>>>>> Then compare the values of n2 against n1 . like this way
strategy(n1>n2 , long)
strategy(n2>n1 , short)
Compare values don't look at colors , colors are just for visual representation of signal
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Your Hull MA is the best !! Try to daytrade US stock with this one, give the better result .
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hello, what is the purpose of line 14 in your code? I don't see the variable sqn1 being used anywhere. Should it be in line 18 instead of sqn?
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mohamed982 pmcrypto
@pmcrypto, are you interested in coding or in using the Indicator ? heheheheheh . and line 14 sqn stands for the square root of n . but you know you are right i didn't use it i don't know why i created this variable , but this is how the average is calculated we always use SQR
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mohamed982 pmcrypto
@pmcrypto, and actually yea it should have been placed on line 18 , but if you notice both sqn & sqn1 are the square root of the same number which is n so they are equal , that is why i just ignored using it again and instead used sqn for consistency
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pmcrypto mohamed982
@mohamed982, Thanks man! I was trying to understand the code and this was throwing me off :)
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hi, thanks for sharing
can i ask u about my beginning in pine script?
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mohamed982 polo974
Hi Pole , pine script langue is relatively easy if you have basic knowledge of programming with any other programming lanuge . however if you don't have any experience yet it's easy . please refer to pice script tutorials and you will find all what you need . this is how I learerned it
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Is it possible to get this indicator for metatrader? I use it everyday that I trade. This is the best indicator I have used since I discovered Bollinger Bands!!
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